Massage therapy has been shown to relive pain, and consumers turn to massage for pain relief—but how can therapists best address clients’ pain needs if there isn’t open communication about those needs?

A recent nationwide survey found when it comes to understanding and discussing pain, a communication gap exists between patients and health care professionals. A coalition formed to address this discrepancy launches this week.

The Let’s Talk Pain Coalition will launch at the American Academy of Pain Management’s annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. The coalition is the first organization formed to unite the perspectives of patients, caregivers and health care professionals to encourage people to talk more about pain, listen actively, and act in ways that improve care for the millions of people who live with pain, according to an academy press release.

The organizations behind Let’s Talk Pain have created a new interactive Web site,, to provide visitors with comprehensive information people in pain and those who treat them.

Massage has been shown to alleviate low-back and post-operative pain, among other types of pain.