Lavender is a staple ingredient in many available massage creams.

Lavender-infused massage cream has many benefits and encourages your client to relax. You can choose a high-quality lavender massage cream product, or make your own with lavender essential oil.


Easy to Combine

Katie Vie, a massage therapist and aromatherapist at River Island Apothecary in Asheville, North Carolina, recommends that massage therapists use an unscented carrier cream and infuse it themselves. “[Infusing essential oils into] your own massage creams is a lot easier than you think,” Vie says. “I used to be rather intimidated by it, and it’s actually really easy.”

Combining your own lavender massage cream allows you to control the ingredients and how they are blended together, Vie says. Choosing organic lavender, using an unusual variety of the plant or even adding additional aromatherapy ingredients is possible whenever you create your own creams.


Choices, Choices

Lavender creams are created using different methods, varieties and ingredients. According to Vie, you can choose to combine your ingredients with lavender essential oil and add to your carrier creams. Pure lavender essential oils are available for purchase and make an excellent addition to your own massage creams.

Many varieties of lavender are available with distinct therapeutic benefits, Vie says. She recommends that you research the varieties available before you choose a lavender oil for your client.

Vie says lavendula angustafolia is the most common variety available and is best known for its relaxing qualities, although other lavenders may be used.

“For that matter, you can combine several lavenders into the same cream,” says Vie. She makes her own dusting powder, called Four Lavenders, mixing lavenders from different regions and varieties.


remove only the amount of massage cream you need

Storage and Use

Vie recommends storing your creams in airtight, hard containers such as glass or plastic jars. Creams should be protected from heat and light.

By keeping your cream in a large jar and only removing what you need for that day, your cream will last longer and stay clean. For each client session, use a spoon to remove a small amount of massage cream. Avoid using your hands to remove cream from the jar. If you do, you risk contaminating the entire batch.



When you use your cream, remember to be aware of your client’s needs and use an appropriate dose of lavender.

“If you use too much of anything, it’s not good … Lavender can be irritating too, if you use too much of it,” Vie says. Lavender is a great ingredient for beginners, but massage therapists should definitely be attentive to how much lavender they use.

The typical mixture varies depending on the type of lavender you choose. Once you find a preferred oil and carrier cream, write down the recipe for future use.

Often, storing the oil in a pump bottle will allow you to measure the oil and use the same amount each time.


Clients Choosing Lavender

Whether you make your own or purchase lavender massage cream, clients will appreciate the fragrance when choosing to add aromatherapy to their massage. With proper storage and balance, your creams will perform well for your clients.


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