Here are some common social media mistakes you’ll want to avoid—and ways to correct them if you find yourself in a challenging situation.

Social media can be a great digital marketing tool for your business when you use it correctly.

​However, there are several ways that social marketing blunders can negatively impact your business.

Most companies have a team dedicated to marketing on social media channels, so if you are a massage therapist who runs your whole social media marketing channels solo, these expert tips can help you find a more efficient way to manage your massage marketing plan online.

Here are some common massage therapy social marketing mistakes you’ll want to avoid—and ways to correct them if you find yourself in a challenging situation.

1. Not Responding to Negative Comments or Reviews

Responding to negative feedback and reviews is very important on social media. Your followers want to know that you are truly engaged in what they are saying and that their opinion matters to you.

The positive result gained by responding to a negative situation on social media is you can rectify an issue and please a dissatisfied customer by providing a good solution to the problem publicly.

For example, if you have a client who comes in for bodywork therapy and is not happy with your services and then gives your Facebook page a one-star review or leaves a not-so-nice comment on your timeline, you can offer them a free massage on their next visit.

Remember, most followers expect a response within one to two hours of their initial contact.

By monitoring all comments and reviews in a timely manner and responding accordingly, you create online loyalty for your business. ​

On the other hand, if you constantly ignore comments and reviews, you will most likely lose those followers and, in turn, lose potential customers.

2. Posting Too Many Times Per Day

You may wonder, “Is over-posting on social media really a problem?” The answer to that question is most definitely.

Ideally, you want to find a balance between being informative and overbearing with your audience.

According to a report from Buffer, a recent study from Social Bakers analyzed three months’ worth of Facebook content from major brands and found that top brands average only one post per day.1

So, how many posts per day is the right amount? With Facebook’s recent algorithm changes you may have noticed your engagement has dropped. One of the things you can do to combat this challenge is to test scheduling your posts at different times of the day (morning, afternoon and evening) and certain days of the week and determine when your audience is the most engaged. ​

With trial and error, you can find what works for you and use that information to plan your posts for the week at the right time of the day, with the right frequency.

This information varies between platforms, so the right number of Facebook posts per day will be different from the number of posts you make to Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. ​

Pay attention to your data and change your strategy accordingly when you find that something may not be working for you.

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3. Not Understanding How to ​Gain New Clients on Social

Social media is a great gateway to engagement, but we know that it has a different type of sales path than direct one-to-one marketing.

If you have not established a presence on multiple social media channels, it is less likely that someone will want to purchase a retail product or trust in your massage therapy business enough to book an appointment.

Are you running contests, promotions and exclusive offers for your followers? Utilizing social platforms to offer discounts to your audience is something that will keep them coming back.

It is also important to build awareness and loyalty among those who currently follow you.

If you are feeling ambitious, developing a monthly strategy with paid advertisements can help you reach users who may not know about your massage business. This can also provide you with an opportunity to gain leads and email addresses so that you can follow up with those clients and entice them with a new client special discount.

A great way to do this would be to create a post and tell your social audience to “Call to book an appointment and get 20 percent off TODAY ONLY when you say the secret code, MASSAGE.”

This creates urgency with your audience and ultimately entices them to book a session with you.

4. Neglecting to Use Videos on Social

Some say that video marketing on social is everything. If you have not incorporated video into your social media marketing yet, you may be missing out on growth clients for your business.

Did you know that video’s get more shares and interaction on social media than any other posts?

There are many ways you should be using video. You can answer a question or solve a problem by recording yourself, show your business behind the scenes by doing a live video, or promote a new service by demonstrating on a client.

Videos are extremely popular on the Internet. The good news is, the shorter the video the better the engagement you will have.

With the new auto-play options for video, it is easier to draw the viewer’s attention to your post, rather than images, statuses or articles on your feeds will. Using video also provides stronger personal connections to your audience.

There is an emotional/human aspect to video that you simply cannot feel from reading content. Making this connection is an important element in your massage therapy marketing plans.

Video allows you to see someone’s personality, passions and facial expressions. Try sharing clients’ personal testimonies and see how much your engagement increases.

5. You Don’t Have a Social Media Strategy to Execute

If you have been aimlessly using social media and don’t really know what to do , it is time to gather up some data and insights and develop a monthly plan.

What successes are most valuable to your business?

Are you new to social and trying to just get your massage therapy business out in the universe? Then it may be best for you to continue to create content that explains who you are as a business, and your passion for healing through massage therapy.

Once you see your fan base grow , it may be time to invest in paid advertisements to gather leads and hopefully gain more appointments.

First, start mapping out the days of the week you want to post and how many times a week you will post, and put this information on a calendar. At the end of the month you should review the performance of your posts and determine if you want to make any changes to the strategy for the next month.

It is best to have a healthy mix of posts. Try to not oversell products, be readily available for your audience, interact as much as possible, and track any new appointments that are directly from your posts. ​

To increase brand awareness the “old fashioned” way, tell all your clients about your social media channels. Add your social media links or handles to your business cards and brochures so that people can learn more about you and your services, and share your business with others.

The more visibility you have to your clients in between sessions, the more you can expect friends of your followers to check out your page. To take this one step further, tell your loyal clients that they are welcome to leave you a review on Facebook or Yelp.

The higher your rating, the more credibility this creates for your business.  Word of mouth is a great strategy for gaining new clients, even when it is on-line.

The last thing to consider when putting your massage therapy marketing strategy together, most people who are looking for a place to get a therapeutic massage want the business to have at least four out of five stars. Remember, if you see a review that is not good, be sure to respond to it ASAP and turn that negative feedback into a positive recommendation.

Don’t be afraid to get started.  Use the information and links above to get the tools you need to be on your way to social success!

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