Communicate with Clients About Massage Cream, MASSAGE MagazineCommunicating during a massage therapy or bodywork session can be a bit tricky. There are certain clients who may like to chat during their appointment, whereas others prefer to stay quiet as they enjoy the techniques being applied by the practitioner. However, there are instances where it can be beneficial to communicate with your client during a massage session.

One such time is when you are about to apply massage cream to a client’s skin for the first time. This tends to happen at the start of a massage therapy session, so there is little risk of breaking your client out of a sleepy state at this point during her treatment. As it turns out, though, quite a few practitioners may not be taking this opportunity to speak up about the massage cream they use.

The reason it can be beneficial to mention a few details about your massage cream before you begin the session is because it can make the client feel more involved and more cared for, letting her know you use quality products during the appointment. This is the time to tell your client why you choose to use that particular massage cream and the appealing traits of the massage cream.

For example, if you use a massage cream that is completely organic and was developed, processed and packaged using methods that are friendly to the planet, then this would be something to mention to your client. Let her know the massage cream you are about to apply to her skin contains all natural and organic ingredients harvested and manufactured in an eco-friendly manner.

Most clients will appreciate such information and feel as if they are getting an even greater value when they come to see you for a massage therapy or bodywork appointment. This ability to add a sense of value to your session work, simply by speaking up about the merits of your massage cream, is wonderful for practitioners who would like to create an ideal session for their clients without having to bend over backwards in order to do so.

Another example might be the bodyworker who uses a massage cream that contains a mix of essential oils reported to induce calm and relaxation. In this scenario, you would want to mention this to your client, letting him know that the massage cream you are about to apply is infused with high-quality essential oils. Tell your client exactly what essential oils are in the massage cream and the reported benefits of these specific essential oils.

Many massage therapists and bodyworkers may wish to go a step further as they communicate with clients about massage cream. This could be done by keeping a small selection of high-quality massage creams on hand, then asking each client what his preference would be in terms of the massage cream used during the session. You could give the client a brief description of the benefits of each massage cream, then allow him to select the one that sounds best.