(August 22, 2012): Not everyone wants to tell the world about the problems they face in their private lives, yet suddenly showing up to work or school in stodgy doctor-issued compression tights will soon have people guessing. To maintain a little privacy while still adhering to doctor’s orders, or to simply add a little support to everyday work and play, don a pair of RejuvaHealth‘s compression stockings.

Kelsey Minarik launched RejuvaHealth in December of 2010 after being diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis. Through her company, Minarik is able to make other young women and men aware of this health issue, and provide those who suffer from it with a product that’s designed to help while looking great. RejuvaHealth works with the National Blood Clot Alliance to promote thrombosis & thromphilia awareness and raise funds that will go toward alerting the public and health care providers about this silent killer.

Nicknamed “Compression Couture,” RejuvaHealth’s garments were created with an eye to the designer fashion world while still being an FDA-registered Class 1 Medical Support Stocking. Each style provides gradual support from the ankle up the leg, which can work wonders for promoting blood circulation and relieving leg fatigue or swelling caused by prolonged sitting or standing.

RejuvaHealth’s fans have a lot to say when it comes to the relief these fashionable compression stockings bring to both work and play days. Katrina from California loved that the fashion side of the product doesn’t compromise its integrity. Katrina says, “Now I can actually wear my stockings proud and nobody knows I use them for health reasons.”

Nurses and teachers who spend their days on their feet know that any source of relief for heavy and tired legs is a blessing. Jennifer in Florida has to wear compression hose or deal with unbearable pain and swelling. She gave the purple paisley knee highs a try to match her purple work scrubs and absolutely loves them. “The fabric is soft and comfortable and seems to breathe well in the Florida heat here where I live,” she writes.

Those who are already gearing up for holiday travel can’t go wrong by pulling on a pair of RejuvaHealth’s stockings before boarding a plane, train, or automobile. One customer tested her stockings on a flight from New York to San Francisco. “For the first time in 50 years my legs did not swell,” she said. “I was comfortable and did not have to rest with my legs up to reduce the swelling when we arrived!”

Still not convinced? Try them for yourself and let RejuvaHealth know how you feel.