CynerGreen offers healthy alternatives to bottled water offering water filters, reusable water bottles and programs to meet demands.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July 14 /PRNewswire/ — Worldwide concern over BPA (Bisphenol A) used to make plastic bottles for water continues to be a hot topic of discussion, this week seen on FOX, ABC and CBS, even on Twitter. Thousands of “tweets” are appearing daily, further educating the public and demanding changes, ultimately a proposed ban on bottled water in some communities. This outcry for change demonstrates the need for the American public to have healthy alternatives. Not only is it disturbing that the FDA’s standards are low regarding consumer safety of bottled water, but also that consumption of bottled water has skyrocketed. Consumers are downing nearly 60 million bottles a day. This year alone, 73 billion bottles and beverage cans have already been littered, tossed into landfills and incinerated.

To meet this demand, CynerGreen, a leading manufacturer of reusable stainless steel water bottles and hydration solutions, announces it has merged with HealthyTap, the world’s first on-the-go, portable water filter solution. HealthyTap has been dubbed the natural and organic “miracle” filter of water due to its ease of use and natural ingredients. The small “tea bag” size filter, quickly removes chlorine and captures impurities, adds minerals, and adjusts tap water to a healthier pH. All while dramatically improving the taste and scent of your water.

Danelle Hoffer, President of CynerGreen expressed the importance of this merger. “Choosing a reusable water bottle is about a lifestyle change. You’re not just eliminating harmful plastics from your life but making the choice to become healthier by drinking more water. The addition of HealthyTap to the CynerGreen product line offers a complete healthy, hydration solution. Nowhere else will you find a reusable bottle and tiny miracle filter that will allow you to take your water on the go so easily and at such an affordable price for your entire family.”

CynerGreen is a leading authority on Bottle Free(TM) solutions, paving the way for entire cities, communities, organizations, events and schools to eliminate bottled water from their environments while offering alternative hydration. The company offers a complete line of products and services available through retailers and their website for individuals, fundraisers, and wholesalers. Products include adult and children’s water bottles, portable filters, reusable shopping bags, hydration stations and certification programs. To find out more about CynerGreen and HealthyTap call 501.605.0197 or visit

CynerGreen, LLC
A pioneering company based in Little Rock, Arkansas that manufactures, markets and sells eco-friendly, reusable, stainless steel water bottles and hydration solutions. Founded by business partners Joe and Danelle Hoffer in 2007, CynerGreen ( is a leading brand in the stainless steel bottle category with customers including QVC, Toys R Us, Microsoft, Staples, Marriott, American Express Publishing, Gaylord Hotels and Terra Resort Group. Their non-profit, founded at age 11 by Riley Hoffer, educates kids in grades K-5 on the environment. In 2008 and 2009, the foundation has donated 2000 water bottles to schools in need of environmental programming support. (