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Everyone is stressed, and that includes your massage customers. The good news? You can connect with customers to offer your clients support and encouragement in a number of different ways, beyond hands-on sessions.

Your clients are online, like everyone else right now, and luckily we have many online options for staying in touch and sharing helpful information. This is so important right now when some clients are still pausing their massage sessions.

Reach Out to Connect with Customers

For your regular clients a personal message (text or email) or phone call would probably mean a lot. Let them know that you are thinking of them, wondering how they are since their last session, and wishing them well. Use your best judgement on whether a call, text or email would be appropriate. (Elderly clients would probably prefer a phone call.)

Keep sending your regular newsletters, and augment the content. Share tips for self-care, relaxation, recipes and things that might cheer them up. Your newsletter might even be the highlight of their day. Your newsletter is a great place to put a link for your online gift certificates and prepaid packages. Your clients probably want to support you and know they have services waiting for them.

Offer virtual wellness sessions to help your clients manage the stress and aches and pains of working from home. You could meet them on Zoom or Skype and lead them in self-massage practices. You can also lead relaxation techniques and stretching, and help clients create a self-care plan—if, such activities are within your scope of practice. Clients could book every few days to stay on track. This could be a one-on-one or group program.

6 Ways to Connect with Customers on Social Media

Stay active on your social media platforms. Reuse your newsletter content as helpful posts. Maintaining a social media presence can be done in just an hour or two per week, especially if you recycle your content or purchase done-for-you content. 

People are on social media to be entertained and keep up with friends, family and businesses that they feel connected to. Posting a variety of content and resources will keep your engagement up while educating and even entertaining your followers.

Consider the following options for engaging content on your social media platforms:

1. Stress-reducing and self-care information. Think breathing exercises, simple stretches, relaxing meditations and self-massage. Use content from YouTube, articles that you find online—or for a personal touch create your own. As always, work only within your scope of practice.

2. Share behind-the-scenes photos or videos of any changes you are making to your place of business, website or treatment menu. New sanitation and safety protocols, for example, are essential pieces of information, This could also be as simple as a quick picture of your computer screen and a post about how you are working on making your website more user friendly. If you are redecorating, share that as well. Let your clients know that you are still working hard for them.

3. Personal updates are fun and appreciated, but be sure to keep them light. Pictures of your pets, your kids (if you are comfortable with that), meals you are making, and what you’re finding to entertain yourself would all work. Keep this material as professional as possible.

4. Shout out some of your favorite local businesses and what they are currently offering. I’m so inspired by everyone’s creativity here in my hometown. Use local hashtags. Our chamber of commerce is promoting #keepboonehealthy #silverliningsboone and #takeouttuesday. If you don’t see any hashtags being used, start your own. 

5. You could even do theme day. Motivational Monday’s, Tuesday Tips, Stay Well Wednesdays, Thankful Thursdays, and Friday Funday. Have a file on your computer or phone notes where you can save links and ideas to share. 

6. Be careful when sharing articles or information that they are from a verified source. Don’t share anything political, divisive or conspiratorial. Of course, you are entitled to your opinions—but keep it professional on your professional platforms.

Build Your Reputation

This is a busy, stressful and overwhelming time in many ways. I find it helpful to stay busy with work projects, and with helping others. You never know how showing up will impact other people and you will build your reputation as a caring, knowledgeable professional, and leader. Soon, your clients will be booking appointments again, and you may even attract some new ones as well.

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