Connecting Massage and Fitness, MASSAGE MagazineIf you look at each one as a separate entity, massage therapy and fitness may appear to be two quite different concepts. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear massage therapy falls within the broader concept of fitness, and that massage therapy and fitness can work hand in hand to improve overall health and wellness.

To fully grasp the way massage therapy and fitness are connected and can work so well together, one may first need to understand the broader concept of fitness. Too many people may have a narrow view of fitness, one that includes only such active pursuits as lifting weights or running every morning.

The larger perspective on fitness includes more relaxing and passive pursuits as well. Fitness can entail such things as watching what you eat and creating a healthy daily diet, along with stretching, getting plenty of sleep and doing activities such as yoga or dance. Within this larger perspective on fitness, we can begin to see where massage therapy fits in as well.

Massage therapy could be considered a key piece of fitness due to the fact massage sessions have been linked to improved health. The health benefits of massage therapy may range from decreased mental tension and lower blood pressure to greater range of motion and fewer physical aches and pains. Of course, there are many other potential benefits of massage therapy, which may be related to the type of massage one receives.

For example, a person who suffers from headaches may find that a certain massage technique reduces the frequency of those headaches. For another person, lower back pain may be a chronic problem that lessens with regular massage. For those people who have neck-and-shoulder pain associated with daily computer work, massage therapy can help alleviate those issues as well.

As you can see, massage therapy has a broad reach as far as the various issues and conditions it can address in an effort to better a person’s health and his or her ability to function optimally. It is not hard to make the link between these benefits and the overall notion of fitness, because massage therapy can serve to boost a person’s health and wellness, which is the aim of most fitness pursuits.

There are also more specific connections between massage therapy and fitness. For example, one common reason people may seek massage is because of aches and pains caused by an intense fitness activity or even due to an injury sustained during a fitness pursuit.

To take this example a bit further, it is necessary to grasp the wear and tear that intense fitness regimens can place on the body. For instance, a person who runs nearly every day and participates in marathons and other such events will experience wear and tear on the whole body, from the leg and back muscles to the neck and joints. However, with regular massage therapy sessions, such damage can be mitigated, which can help the fitness enthusiast prevent possible injuries.