Conscious Body Services (, a new business approach combining bodywork, transpersonal psychology, emotional development with spiritual guidance publicly announces their contribution to business. For a healthy, sustainable & secure business model, Conscious Body Services values finding the soul to any business venture to maintain integrity in the market place for lasting success.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 15, 2009 — Conscious Body Services ( recommends investing in health for a bright future. Specifically, a start up approach with a healthy balance of personal sovereignty and sustainability develops a sense of inner security prospering into infinite wealth. The tip is a merger of cultivating physical health (body), developing mental peace (mind), respecting emotional well-being (heart), following soulful passion (soul), and listening for spiritual guidance (spirit).

Standing at a cross-road, the ‘American Dream pie’ is melting into a pot of uncertain transitions. The time has come to discover a career or job change to reflect the dreams of the ‘your deepest heart’s desire,’ a merger of self worth and net worth. Conscious Body Services ( values personal growth to ultimately develop job security.

Conscious Body Services promotes a plan for inner security, “just as you would trade in a used car, to trade in old ideas about yourself for new ones.”

“Inherited beliefs are the used cars.”

“The new ideas generate paradigm shifts with new ways of thinking.”

“If you have an identity of low self-esteem (lost and/or distracted in the poppy fields), you can trade it in for a new path (following the yellow brick road) of inner peace,” as quoted by ASK Kim Lucas, founder of Conscious Body Services since 1995.

Conscious Body Services diversifies a combination of bodywork (BodyTalk Massage Therapy), transpersonal psychology (Somatic Emotional Release Therapy), metaphysical divinity, secular pragmatism, and heartfelt personal guidance all in one.

A personalized touch and mindful communication support valued interests in understanding and forgiveness with compassion for personal matters of the heart.

Each session varies from in person, one-to-one, small groups, to over the phone.

It may take place right in the comfort of a home or office with a personalized ‘house call.’

Also, it may be on developmental scouting ventures.

Core reprogramming methods provide the insurance to merge self worth with net worth.

Liquidations of misguided ways of living in an empty, unfulfilling rat race transform the paycheck-to-paycheck struggle into a satisfying life of giving and receiving abundantly and responsibly.

Recognizing inner turmoil or feeling something missing in one’s life motivates the call to Conscious Body Services.

The initial phone interview evaluates what one values and owns in the form of physical discomfort, accesses mental inheritance, addresses any emotional allowance, offers soulful appreciation, and practices spiritual will.

A commitment ensues to rebuild a sense of trust for authentic prosperity.

The goal is to trust the body’s innate intelligence as a foundation for inner security leading to true freedom from worry.

Conscious Body Services is a venture capitalist strategy investing time, energy, and money into a trust of personal self-confidence, self-composure, self-acceptance, self-love, self-realization, and (self) empowerment.

This proposal offers an exchange co-creating a truly sustainable gifting economy.

That is, a community of natural talents and gifts with valued skill-sets appreciated in abundant health, wealth, and wisdom evolves with conscious, whole-hearted contributions.

Ultimately, a merger of infinite wealth with a solid investment of inner security develops into a lifelong dream come true leading to lasting fulfillment.

This holistic self help approach for health & personal growth starts with investments in inner security, cultivating a condition of infinite wealth owning a dream of quality, not necessarily just quantity.

Thus, it all adds up to substantial personal power reaching for the stars…

About Conscious Body Services:
Conscious Body Services has integrated conscious bodywork and massage therapy with somatic counseling, transpersonal psychology, and energy medicine since 1995. “Conscious Body Services celebrates balancing the body, mind, and heart with the soul and spirit,” as their mission statement reads. With ongoing research in modalities that the public market utilizes for personal growth, Conscious Body Services continues to grow and evolve tools & techniques responding to the changing times reflected in the economic market. As of 2009, Conscious Body Services has added divinity services to the diverse repertoire to meet the individual needs for accessing innate self-healing.
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