Consider Aromatherapy via Massage Cream, MASSAGE MagazineStress could be named the culprit behind many of today’s most common ailments, both mental and physical. Even as people learn to tolerate higher and higher levels of stress, that does not mean their bodies and minds are no longer suffering the effects of tension and strain.

As a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, no doubt you are quite familiar with the toll stress can take on the body, from rigid and raised shoulders to taut and tense facial muscles. Less visible effects of stress have been well-documented as well, such as higher levels of cortisol in the bloodstream.

The extreme stress that can accompany living in a busy world with plenty of pressure serves as a major driving force for clients to book appointments with massage therapists and bodyworkers. They come to these hands-on practitioners in search of a reprieve from the demands of daily life—a chance to release the stress, relax the body and recharge the energy to begin on a clean slate.

Knowing that stress is one of the main reasons clients come to massage therapists and bodyworkers, it is easy to see why easing tension, unwinding both body and mind, and basically inducing a relaxing and refreshing state of being are among the top goals for most massage therapists and bodyworkers.

There are so many different ways of reaching these goals during a session of massage therapy or bodywork, from myofascial release and trigger point therapy to shiatsu and Thai yoga massage. As the professional practitioner, you likely have a specific set of hands-on skills honed to help relieve stress.

However, there is another way of melting tension and anxiety of both the body and mind, and it requires no sophisticated set of skills. It is the use of basic aromatherapy, and it can be blended into your massage sessions with ease.

Of course, if one was to set up a focused aromatherapy practice, that would require training and certification. If you simply want to incorporate a few of the stress-relieving benefits of aromatherapy, though, you can do so through your massage cream.

Many of the massage creams on the market today offer the benefits of aromatherapy without the necessity for training. This is because essential oils are blended right into the massage cream itself, either alone or in combination with other essential oils. The manufacturer of the massage cream has taken the time to craft an aromatherapy blend within the massage cream, which means you can focus on those hands-on skills.

Take a look at the massage creams that feature essential oils, and you will see that many of them have been created to elicit help melt stress, with specific goals that may include calming, relaxing, refreshing or rejuvenating. By using one or more of these aromatherapy massage creams, you will not only be tackling the stress of your clients through the use of your hands, but also through the scent of the essential oils integrated into your massage cream.

Choosing a massage cream that contains high-quality essential oils is a great way to enhance the work you do and add value to each session.