Many professionals would love to find ways to increase income, and professional massage therapists and bodyworkers are no exception. In the field of touch therapy, however, it is important to consider the toll new methods may take on one’s body.

Instead of trying to squeeze in more sessions, know the number of appointments you can book in one day and still feel healthy. Remember, your physical stamina is at the center of your career, and you want to be able to have longevity as a manual therapist. Once you know your healthy number of sessions to be booking per day, be sure to do everything you can to reach that number, then begin thinking outside the box when it comes to earning extra income.

One way to build the bottom line without much physical effort is by selling retail items to clients. From beautiful candles and relaxing CDs to lip balms and neck pillows, there are all kinds of products suited for sale within a massage practice—and there’s one product in particular you’re already marketing: massage cream.

Clients are already being introduced to the benefits of massage cream in the session room, and if the product appeals to the client then, the odds of making a sale are fairly good. In a sense, the client is getting a chance to test drive the product in the session room and see, up close and personal, exactly why he or she may want to buy that massage cream for use at home.

Keep in mind that if you tend to use a neutral massage to perform your chosen techniques and modalities in an optimal manner, there may not be much for clients to notice when they are on your table. However, that does not mean you need to stop using this cream, especially if it is working well. See if the same product comes in formulas that bring more noticeable perks to the client.

Massage creams with essential oil blends are great items to consider selling, as they allow the client to take an element of aromatherapy home with them. A good rule of thumb: If clients enjoy the smell and effects of the massage cream you use, you may already have the appeal you need to sell the product outside of the session room.

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