Abdominal massage decreased constipation in a recent research study’s participants, and researchers say massage therapy could be a cost-saving health-care measure when compared to other types of treatment.

This was a randomized controlled trial including 60 participants. The control group continued using laxatives as before the study, and the intervention group received additional abdominal massage, according to a report published on www.pubmed.gov.

Health-related quality of life was assessed using a self-report questionnaire and analyzed with linear regression, the report noted, and two scenarios were outlined to conduct a cost-utility analysis: Patients learned self-massage or they received massage from a nurse.

The researchers determined health-related quality of life was statistically significantly increased after eight weeks of either self-massage and professionally provided abdominal massage.

“Abdominal massage may be cost-effective in the long-term and it is relevant to consider it when managing constipation,” the report noted.

The research, “Abdominal massage for people with constipation: a cost utility analysis,” ran in the June 16 edition of the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

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