The Consumer Email Marketing Portal is "the" self-service opt-in consumer email marketing application on the internet today. Designed for ease of use, it can bring a users message to market in a simple straight forward easy to use package.

Brookfield, CT (PRWEB) September 30, 2008 — [ __title__ ] introduced its newest Consumer Friendly direct marketing tool– [Consumer Email Made Easy __title__ Consumer Email Made Easy]
–a selfservice marketing portal designed for ease of use so that the user can bring their message to market in a simple straight forward easy to use package.

With our 250 Million+ opt-in can-spam compliant database, users have the opportunity to grow their marketing campaigns like never before. No other [email marketing __title__ email marketing] application gives users the flexibility to drive new customers to their door or ecommerce site.

Easy to use tools such as the Template editor have been designed with non-computer savvy individuals in mind. Users simply hover, click and type. The Wizard does the rest…

Easy to use wizard to guide you through each step.
No list, No artwork, Not even a Website is needed.

Ordering the list couldn’t be any easier either.
1. Choose who you would like to target, Men, Women Or Both.
2. Choose how you would like to target your audience (By Zip Code Radius, or Enter Individual
     Zip Codes, or By City, or Congressional District).
3. Build your list, optimize it by adding and removing selected zipcodes.
4. Choose from our pre-built templates or upload your own image.
5. Customize your template to fit your needs exactly using our state of the art template editor.
6. Add hyper-links to your template for tracking purposes.
7. Edit the text of your template to match your pre-existing campaigns.
8. View your entire campaign at a glance.
9. …And away you go!

Set pricing model–only $50.00 per thousand–no need to watch your bids or keyword lists.


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