These days, racking up the continuing education credits you need is easier than ever. This is because there are so many teachers and providers of continuing education classes for massage therapists and bodyworkers–and just as many methods for attending and completing these courses as well.

From destination continuing education seminars at resorts or aboard cruise ships to online classes you can take at any time from your home or office computer, the options abound when it comes to furthering your knowledge and skill base through continuing education.

The variety of ways in which a massage therapist or bodyworker may choose to take a continuing education class is beneficial not only for earning the credits necessary to renew one’s license to practice, but also for gaining the knowledge necessary to maintain a successful career.

Enrolling in continuing education classes is one of the best ways to renew your enthusiasm for the field of massage therapy and bodywork, especially at those times when you are just beginning to notice a decrease in your energy and excitement around your chosen career path.

Fortunately, the renewing, refreshing and enhancing benefits of enrolling in and completing continuing education classes are accessible for nearly all massage therapists and bodyworkers. Again, this is because of the wide variety of continuing education providers and teachers, who are serving up knowledge in an array of ways.

One of the most recent breakthroughs in continuing education has come via the widespread use of the Internet. The fact that more people now own or have access to computers with speedy Internet connections—and have the ability to use these computers—means that more continuing education classes for massage therapists and bodyworkers are being offered online.

Taking a continuing education class online is a wonderful way for massage therapists and bodyworkers to get the knowledge they need even if their schedules or budgets are quite constrained. Continuing education classes taken on the computer are nearly always more flexible and less costly than standard or destination continuing education courses for massage therapists and bodyworkers.

Depending on the online continuing education class you choose, you may be able to log on and “attend” the class—listening to or watching lectures, interacting with peers in forums or chat rooms, and taking computer-based exams—at any time that works for you, within the beginning and end dates for the class.

Do your homework to find out exactly how much freedom and flexibility certain online continuing education classes have to offer, then pick the one that best suits your schedule and, of course, your need for knowledge.

Even though the Internet has broadened the field of continuing education for massage therapists and bodyworkers, more traditional classes continue to be popular and valuable as well. There are some people who simply learn better in person, and there are some topics that seem to lend themselves more to on-site education, rather than an online curriculum.

With so many choices when it comes to getting the continuing education you want and need, finding the class that best suits you should be fairly easy indeed.

–Brandi Schlossberg