When you consider continuing education classes for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers, it is probably easy to recognize the main benefit of such continued education. That is, these continuing education classes allow practitioners to stay current with their knowledge, skills and techniques. However, it is important to realize that taking a continuing education class can bring quite a few additional benefits as well.

One of the more subtle benefits to enrolling in a continuing education class as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker is the simple fact that this class may bring a much-needed reprieve from your busy schedule of providing hands-on services. At first, this might sound like a drawback, but a large number of massage therapists and bodyworkers could use a break for both physical and mental rejuvenation.

Of course, your continuing education class may involve hands-on work, especially if it is a continuing education course on a specific technique or modality. In this case, you will likely still be performing a bit less physical work than usual. As another added benefit, continuing education classes that aim to teach practitioners new techniques often lead to the students learning or racking up hours by practicing these hands-on skills on each other. Obviously, free time on the table can be one of the big upsides to taking a continuing education class.

A third extra perk that can come with participating in a continuing education course may be the social interaction and professional networking that often unfolds, especially in those continuing education classes that happen in person. Professional massage therapists and bodyworkers spend so much of their time quietly working one on one with clients, so the chance to interact with others who work in this industry can be a wonderful opportunity.

By getting to know your peers in a continuing education class, you may be able to gain great ideas and much-needed support, as well as a few new friends. Even if you decide to take your continuing education class online, you should still be able to benefit from the social interaction and professional networking, as many online continuing education courses involve live chat rooms, where the students and teachers can converse and get to know one another.

A fourth benefit of earning continuing education credits is the jolt of enthusiasm it can bring back to the work you are doing as a massage therapist or bodyworker. Whether your recharged batteries are the result of the break from your busy schedule, the time spent on the table, the peer interaction or a bit of all of the above, one thing is certain—it can do wonders for your own sense of overall purpose and well-being.

By signing up for a continuing education class on a topic that excites and intrigues you, you can not only bring a new technique or modality on board for your clients, but you can also boost your passion for your practice even more. As you can see, on top of staying current in the realm of massage therapy and bodywork, there are quite a few other reasons to get psyched for continuing education.