Part of what is so appealing about massage therapy and bodywork, in general, is the sense of pampering a client can receive during a session of hands-on healing, a comfort that can be hard to come by in the busy lives most people lead. As a massage therapist or bodyworker, part of your job may be to cultivate that sense of pampering for your clients to the best of your ability.

Obviously, the main way in which most massage therapists and bodyworkers pamper their clients is by providing them each with the best possible hands-on techniques and modalities to help the client achieve his or her desired results. However, this is only the beginning, albeit the foundation, of the ways in which you can make your clients feel pampered.

By creating the ultimate experience of a customized, caring massage therapy or bodywork session, you can create more satisfied clients, thereby generating more positive word-of-mouth advertising. In turn, the time you take to pamper each client can translate into a better bottom line for you and your business.

Most successful massage therapists and bodyworkers have their hands-on skills honed to a level where they will be able to provide the proper form of pampering when it comes to this level of the session. However, by taking a few well-chosen continuing education classes, these same practitioners can take the pampering to a whole new level.

The key here is to learn one or several techniques that complement the work you currently do, so you can weave even more beneficial aspects into each session. In addition, the more skills you possess, the better you can tailor each session of massage therapy or bodywork to the specific needs of the client.

Which continuing education classes you choose to take will likely depend on the type of massage therapy or bodywork you practice most often, as well as your own style and preferences when it comes to techniques and modalities.

One form of continuing education that seems to serve many massage therapists and bodyworkers well focuses on reiki. By starting from the ground up, in a basic reiki continuing education class, and moving up through the various levels of continuing education to learn more and more advanced reiki techniques, you can offer your clients a whole different dimension within your regular massage therapy and bodywork sessions.

Knowing they get to experience professional reiki at certain points in their massage or bodywork session should make most clients feel especially pampered, as if they are getting even more than they bargained for in terms of healing and wellness. This added dose of energy work should be able to blend quite easily into most types of hands-on healing.

Of course, taking continuing education classes on the topic of reiki is only one example of the route you could take toward learning more pampering modalities. Another popular option is to take continuing education classes that teach spa-type add ons for your practice, such as facial or scalp massage.

As you get ready to enroll in your next round of continuing education classes, consider the ways in which you could better pamper your clients with new skills and techniques.

–Brandi Schlossberg