Los Angeles, CA, September 13, 2010 – In response to frustration from women nationwide that feel chest discomfort every time they get on a massage table or are treated by a chiropractor or physical therapist, inventor Rebecca Savich has a solution. She has created the Adjustable Breast Comfort (ABC) System that supports and reduces the pressure on women’s breasts.

With the new patent-pending Utopian massage table, women will now be able to receive the full therapeutic benefits of massage and will no longer feel squashed while lying down on the table. The table is available online for $449 and includes a carrying case and free shipping within the continental U.S. Visit www.contourtablesystems.com and www.massagetables.com.

The Utopian massage table with the ABC System works well for both men and women of all body shapes. Equipped with a powerful foot pump and simple release valve, therapists can adjust the platform on the table top without interrupting the flow of the session. The platform can also rise above the table to act as a head rest while the client lies on his/her back. If the therapist slides the client further up the table, placing the back of the head in the face rest, the platform moves upwards to lift the upper back. This position opens up the chest and allows for advanced shoulder work. 

Savich says, “I get massages often myself. Being a naturally large-breasted woman, I couldn’t get comfortable on the massage table in the past. Sometimes, the pressure would cause me actual pain and swelling which is of course counterproductive for a massage!”

Contour Table Systems has received excellent feedback for its innovative table from masseuses, spas, resorts, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and orthopedists. With its exceptional design and form, Contour Table Systems provides the ultimate experience for therapists and clients. Therapists will use the new table as a selling point for attracting prospective clients, so it will increase their business with those wary of massage because of their previous bad experiences.

Contour Table Systems products are manufactured and sold by industry leader Oakworks® Inc., who makes each table by hand in its Pennsylvania factory. In an effort to stop global warming and to help reduce its carbon footprint, Oakworks® has become a Global Cooling Partner of Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization established in 1988 to help reforest the Earth. Trees for the Future has created programs which restore forests on degraded lands, thereby improving the overall quality of life of indigenous people in developing countries. 

The Utopian Package includes:

  • Utopian Table: 30 inches wide by 73 inches long
  • Lightweight table: 35 pounds
  • Height range: 24 to 34 inches
  • Plush padding
  • Opal Terra Touch upholstery
  • Custom adjustable face rest
  • Aero-Cel™ crescent
  • Essential carry case