New Paltz, NY (Feb. 13, 2013): Corestones Inc. will be an exhibitor at the annual meeting of the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society in Indianapolis on February 19, 2013.

This event will mark the introduction of a new product line for Corestones: SportStones

SportStones are designed to give athletic trainers a new therapeutic tool for the training room. Professional athletic trainer’s hands have a tough challenge in achieving therapeutic depth. SportStones are larger in diameter and heavier than the original CoreStones product line.

This size and weight has several advantages for the athletic trainer:

• it allows for more effective broad stripping and myofascial release

• it allows for deeper specific work without greater stress to the practitioner’s hands and wrists

• it expands the thermal properties of the stones — they hold heat/cold longer

CoreStones co-founder Dale Montelione Grust said, “Over the past two years, we’ve received a wide range of positive feedback from massage therapists and their clients about our CoreStones—which of course includes many athletes. We began to imagine the therapeutic benefits that a slightly larger stone might provide for larger bodies. SportStones are delivering on that promise. We’re excited to meet the NFL athletic trainers and demonstrate our product for them.”

The Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society is a professional association whose members are the athletic trainers of the National Football League. According to a Scripps Howard study, in 2011, of the 1,948 active NFL players, the average weight was 247 pounds.

Corestones Inc. is the developer and maker of the innovative and ergonomic soapstone massage therapy tool. The co-founders of CoreStones are Dale Montelione Grust and Jessica Jones.