CoreStones Introduces New Stone-Massage Products for Home Use, MASSAGE MagazineNew Paltz, N.Y. CoreStones has just introduced its first stone-massage products for home use and retail sale. The new products are PeaceStones and ReflexStones.

PeaceStones are designed to be used during meditation. Sold in pairs, the stones are shaped to fit comfortably in the palm of each hand. The weight and contour of the stone, combined with either cool or warm temperature, help to provide a mindful awareness to the meditator.

PeaceStones, like all CoreStones products, are made from natural soapstone (the mineral steatite). The energetic properties of soapstone are significant. Among its attributes are the gathering of positive energy and the exertion of calming influence. Soapstone is traditionally held to assist during times of change, allowing for the release of old routines and helping to create new, loving environments.

ReflexStones are intended for self-care based on the principles of reflexology.

CoreStones Introduces New Stone-Massage Products for Home Use, MASSAGE MagazineThey are shaped to provide ideal pressure on the foot’s acupressure points. Each pair of ReflexStones comes with a color card illustrating the reflexology regions of the feet and hands. They are also ideal for a relaxing foot massage with a partner. Not limited to the feet, ReflexStones are ideal for self-massage of stressed and sore forearms, so common after long hours of massage or work at a keyboard.

PeaceStones and ReflexStones, are packaged in pairs, and are available for retail distribution or in quantity purchase for client gifts. This is a great opportunity for holiday retail sales.

For further product information, visit  the CoreStones website at To learn more about retail and wholesale pricing, call (877) 614-2727.

Corestones Inc. is the developer and maker of innovative and ergonomic soapstone massage therapy tools. The co-founders of CoreStones are Dale Montelione Grust and Jessica Jones. 

CoreStones have been developed with the practitioner in mind, allowing the therapist to work longer with less effort and strain. CoreStones are easy to hold and easy to use, reducing strain on your hands, wrists and thumbs.