Corporate Health and Wellness programs have typically used "change" in biometric data as the lead indicator in measuring success for the Health and Wellness industry today. Even though most of it is self-reported, it is still considered the only "measurable" indicator that can conclusively show behavior change – or is it?

Incline Village, NV (PRWEB) July 24, 2008 — How you measure success or ROI for a corporate health & wellness program has never been more important. Do you base it on health risk changes such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, or overall weight loss? Do you wait to see if there’s any change in your health insurance costs? Or perhaps just as or even more importantly, do you measure change in levels of happiness, job satisfaction and well-being?

Since most employers implement wellness programs to reduce health care costs and increase their bottom line, they need to understand the significance of educating and motivating the employee. It’s helpful to offer your employees $25 to take an online HRA ( [Health Risk Assessments __title__ Health Risk Assessments]) as an incentive, but it’s equally important to get them to understand that they too receive a personal ROI from these programs. The employee ROI comes in the form of qualitative vs. quantitative measures – more energy, an improved self-image, better sleep, all in all – a better quality of life. The employers ROI really starts to accelerate when their employees fully understand this, resulting in increased job satisfaction and greater productivity.

So, how do you accomplish this?

Aside from offering incentives, it’s important to ask questions. The ConvergenceHealth [Assessment Manager __title__ Custom Wellness Surveys]allows coaches and EAP (Employee Assistant Program) administrators to create customized surveys. Byron Gehring, CEO for ConvergenceHealth states, "To comprehend the full scope of your ROI, you need to survey employees on their level of engagement and satisfaction with their wellness programs and experience. If you don’t get feedback on what you’re doing, you won’t know all the success factors in reaching your goals. You can establish metrics that will help you to measure ROI by creating surveys. Look beyond participation and completion rates, measure changes in readiness and behavior, as well as changes in risk factors."

The Total Health Profile released this month by [ConvergenceHealth __title__ Health & Wellness Solutions] is the newest version of the company’s individual HRA report and it aims at focusing on not just biometrics data, but much more. With over 16 pages of details in the report, Rita Piper, VP of Wellness at Workplace Options (WPO) says that "Convergence Health’s new HRA puts all of the relevant results on the first page of the HRA report making it easy for the client (employee) to view their results and to share with a Wellness Coach." When a Wellness Coach is used in conjunction with a comprehensive reporting tool, and follows up with very specific questions and goal setting, that’s when real change happens and can be measured.

When it comes to implementing a successful health and wellness program, understanding and analyzing your employees health risks is critical, but getting them to change — is gold.

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