The most costly health concerns for businesses “ heart conditions, hypertension, diabetes, etc. “ could be improved or even prevented by making easy-to-adopt lifestyle changes. Kronos Optimal Health Company is making it easier for companies to tackle these costly problems by introducing a collection of innovative lifestyle management courses.

These multi-session courses, held either at work sites or via the Web, fill a unique niche: They are primarily aimed at people in a pre disease state (such as prediabetes, prehypertension or elevated cholesterol). The courses are designed to help participants prevent or halt the progression of medical conditions that are influenced by lifestyle choices.

Of the 15 leading causes of death, seven are directly associated with lifestyle choices “ nutrition habits, lack of exercise, smoking and so on, said Susan Kaib, MD, FAAFP, medical director for Kronos Optimal Health Company. The best defense against conditions such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension is often education. Knowing what to do and how to make it practical is the first step. And finding the motivation is the next.

Employer-sponsored programs are a huge motivator for many employees and spouses who might not take the time or initiative to seek health education.

And for employers, programs like this are welcome additions when searching for economical ways to reduce soaring health care costs, Dr. Kaib added.

The financial toll of these common health risks on companies across the country is in the billions of dollars each year, she said. Companies that make wellness part of their culture stand a better chance at stabilizing health insurance costs, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity and morale.

Offered primarily to corporations, the Kronos lifestyle management courses will also appeal to large insurers and health enhancement companies looking to round out their corporate wellness offerings because they target conditions not typically covered by wellness or disease management programs.

The Kronos lifestyle management courses include:

Kronos Weight Management “ An honest lifestyle approach to achieve realistic and sustainable weight loss results. 12 weeks. Also available on CD.

Kronos Prediabetes “ Participants learn what having prediabetes means, plus ways to lower blood sugars and help delay or even prevent diabetes. 14 weeks.

Kronos Stress Management “ Participants learn to stay in control by letting go of negativity, managing time and energy better, practicing relaxation techniques and learning key problem-solving skills. 5 weeks.

Kronos Prehypertension “ By addressing controllable risk factors “ excess weight, inactivity, smoking, a high-sodium diet and stress “ the program can help people improve blood pressure, delay the need for medication and possibly prevent the progression to hypertension. 5 weeks.

Kronos Cholesterol “ The program presents proven strategies to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke by making small, day-to-day changes in diet and physical activity. 5 weeks.

Kronos Nutrition “ The program teaches proven nutritional guidelines, practical shopping and cooking tips that can help people lose weight, feel better and develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. 4 weeks.

Kronos Fitness “ Participants learn the components of exercise, choose activities they enjoy, set realistic goals and stay motivated so they can stay strong and fit, reduce their disease risk and live longer. 4 weeks.

Smoking Cessation “ The program features group and individual counseling, as well as nicotine replacement “ a combination with a proven track record. 5 weeks.

Kronos lifestyle management courses were developed by experts in exercise, nutrition, disease prevention and behavior change under the supervision of the Kronos medical director. All classes are taught by Kronos health professionals. Participants may sign up at or by calling toll free 888-58-BWELL (888-582-9355).

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