CHICAGO, Oct. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — For the past three years, Armando Vindel has been making his living as a personal trainer, but he has trained people for most of his life–from gathering kids in the neighborhood and designing workouts for them.

Working at XSport Fitness, one of Chicago, Illinois’ premier gyms, Vindel does a great deal of work with people seeking to rehab and need corrective exercise. That’s why it was only natural for him to pursue an education in massage therapy.

“I believe that the education I received at Cortiva has completely enhanced my ability, making me even more in demand due to my broad knowledge base,” he said.

Vindel is one of the only trainers on staff who has the knowledge and background to work with rehab patients and believes that the addition of a massage therapy education will only enhance his skill set.

“I love that within a month or two, people begin to experience what it is like to have a normal functioning body,” he added. “It is a joy to see people view themselves as healthy and relate to themselves as someone who can work hard and look better and feel better.”

Vindel has been asked to provide massage therapy in Chicago at the XSport Fitness Spa in addition to his personal training work.

In attending Cortiva Institute, Vindel says he learned a lot from his classmates and teachers, which has not only prepared him for a massage therapy career, but also enhanced his work as a personal trainer.

“One of the things that prepared me for my future is the ability to identify muscles that are tight and how they create imbalances in the human body,” he said. “This in turn has led me to train people in certain ways. I know how to implement appropriate posture to create maximum exertion during exercise as well. Every single instructor impressed me with his or her vast array of knowledge. It humbled me and ignited a passion to learn the human anatomy in a way that has had me connect with not only my work more closely–but with people.”

Vindel is passionate about human performance both on an intellectual and physical level and he believes he has the best job in the world.

“Success to me is having a job that requires never having to work a day in your life,” he said. “I am extremely lucky to be able to say that day in and day out I get to be where I love to be–the gym. I am at home and the education I received at Cortiva blew me into the stratosphere. I am blessed to have the gift of touch as a talent.”

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