Tucson, AZ – March 20, 2008 – From March 26th to April 2nd 2008, Cortiva Institute will offer its first ever overseas training workshop at Hong Kong’s Frederique Academy, the Education Division of Paua Group International Limited. Chosen for his expertise and to mark Cortiva Tucson’s 25th anniversary, one of Cortiva’s Directors of Education, Grant Lessard will lead workshops for 6 days at Frederique Academy’s Hong Kong campus.

“Frederique Academy invited Cortiva because they’re seeking high-level instruction, in English, to expand their spa business, which provides training and therapists to Hong Kong’s exclusive members-only clubs, high-end spas and resorts,” says Mr. Lessard. Cortiva Corporate Director of Continuing Education and Online Training, Patrick Pheasant, adds, “We’re proud and flattered to have been asked to introduce Frederique’s trainers to Western-style massage, and to offer continuing education for their therapists.”

Mr. Lessard intends to meet Frederique’s objectives by focusing his workshops on three distinct practice areas. “The courses are a mixture of practical tools delivered in a hands-on, interactive setting that practitioners will be able to implement immediately, as well as an examination of the current state of the spa industry,” he says.

The first offering is an hour-long Introduction to Massage and Body Work in the context of the spa marketplace. The following class, Professional Ethics for Body Workers, will combine lecture, role playing and discussion about establishing clear expectations and boundaries between client and therapist. Students will be able to explore ethical situations that might arise, allowing them the opportunity to respond with confidence and professionalism. “Creating and maintaining a safe environment in which to practice goes hand-in-hand with how the industry is perceived. It’s important that it be perceived professionally,” notes Mr. Lessard. Both the introduction and ethics classes are free but compulsory before moving forward in the curriculum.

The full day Body Mechanics workshop will teach therapists to provide clients with not only the most effective treatment while exerting the least amount of effort, but to practice without injury. Massage therapists who cease practicing often do so because of work-related injuries. The class is designed to help trainers and practitioners assess and improve their own posture, alignment and movement. They will learn self-care techniques they can use to promote longevity in their practice, avoid occupational injury, stress and burnout.

Finally, the Deep Tissue Refresher is a full day of coursework that will focus on the skillful application of soft tissue techniques to allow deeper access to the fascia and muscle layers of the body. Frederique Academy’s industry practice has focused on well being and beauty, but is expanding from relaxation massage technique to include more therapeutic modalities. “Therapeutic massage, which addresses clients’ specific complaints, is a newer area for Frederique. Deep Tissue massage is often a transition technique leading to more therapeutic styles of massage beyond relaxation.”
Grant Lessard’s background includes over 3000 hours of clinical massage training based upon osteopathic soft tissue techniques. He has been practicing since 1989 in a variety of environments including holistic health care centers, medical facilities while specializing in rehabilitative therapies. His professional studies include Craniosacral, Myofacial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Muscle Energy Technique, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Sports Massage, and Exercise Rehabilitation. Mr. Lessard has been training students and instructors in massage modalities, sciences and exercise rehabilitation since 1995.

Anticipating the event, Mr. Lessard says, “Frederique is primarily a school for complementary spa modalities. They are looking for Western-style massage techniques to satisfy demand from Western guests and tourists. We’re thrilled they asked us.”