WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J., July 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — For most people, launching a new business at the height of one of the country’s worse economic depressions seems counter-intuitive, if not a little mad. But for Cynthia Orsi, founder and owner of Body N Balance Massage and Wellness Center in Wall, New Jersey, the decision made perfect sense.

“I consider myself something of a pioneer and I decided to start a med-spa in the crunch of an economic downturn because people were, and still are, experiencing significant stress. I felt that massage could really help,” said Orsi, a 2010 Cortiva Institute School of Massage Therapy graduate.

Not only a pioneer, Orsi is also a career changer. A dual-registered cardiovascular technologist in invasive and noninvasive cardiac testing for nearly 20 years, Orsi explained she always wanted to “combine my experience in the health care field, working with very sick people and their families, with massage education.” The melding of her two passions has enabled her to “develop a true med-spa; where clients can discuss their illnesses and medications and be understood.”

She adds, “I realized early on in my massage career that I would need to somehow differentiate myself from other spas and wellness centers and I did this by opening up a Halotherapy Himalayan Salt room.”  People suffering with asthma, allergy symptoms, sinusitis and other ailments, she explained, use this therapy.  

She credits her instructors at Cortiva Institute with inspiring her to her new career and for helping build her skills. “My Wall, New Jersey, campus has an incredible team of instructors. Each of them is very individual and offers different skills, energy, experiences, level and subjects of education so it’s really impossible to graduate without a well-rounded massage education. As a student, I opened myself up to learn from all of them and welcomed the enrichment,” she said.

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