Cortiva Institute is a group of 11 massage-school campuses throughout the U.S. Its Wall, New Jersey, students practice onsite massage therapy skills in partnership with a leading medical center.

In an article titled “Raritan Bay Medical Center Partners to Expand Massage Therapy Services,” the news site reported on Oct. 20 that “Many medical studies have demonstrated that massage therapy has an overall positive impact on patients with a wide-range of medical problems … With this in mind, Raritan Bay Medical Center (RBMC) has provided the therapy since 2007 through the hospital’s Division of Integrative Medicine and has now developed a unique partnership with the Cortiva Institute’s School of Massage Therapy to expand the availability of massage therapy services for hospitalized and walk-in patients.”

Editor’s note: for an in-depth discussion of the Cortiva Institute’s partnership with Raritan Bay Medical Center, see “Medical Massage: Hands-On Therapies for Oncology Patients” in MASSAGE Magazine’s July 2010 issue.