Young happy multicultural coupleWould couples massage be a good addition to your practice?
If that question has been plaguing you, the answer is yes. Most people think couples massages are holiday specific, but they’re not. Couples like to experience deep relaxation with the one they love, all year long.
While massage for couples can be anything you want it to be, most couples will expect a shared massage time to be a way for them to connect with each other in health and relaxation.
Once you’ve decided to add couples massage to your repertoire, let’s think about how you may be able to offer it in the space you already have.

Interior of massage room in spa salonSetting Up

We don’t all have a large enough space to use for just one technique such as couples massage, but we can find new and creative ways to turn what we have into a functional space with minimal cost.
A friend of mine works at an office where they have adjacent rooms with double doors that they can either close to create two separate rooms, or they can leave the doors open to offer massage for couples. This can also be accomplished by using Japanese folding blinds, breakout doors or even something as simple as louvered closet doors from your local hardware store.
You can also enhance your client’s experience with add-on services or small decorative additions. A pretty silk floral arrangement could add a touch of beauty to your room, for example. Many clients may be sensitive to scents, so I prefer silk floral arrangements to real flowers. This also saves you money as the silk flowers can be stored and used again.
Rather than investing in candles that burn for all your flat surfaces, buy a bag of battery-operated votive candles instead.

massage for couplesMassage for Couples

There are several ways that providing couples massage can be more than just another service. Why not use it as a platform for introducing new services or add-on treatments to your clients?
A unique name can draw attention to this service. For example, I Only Have Eyes for You is a special I’m running where my clients receive a full-body massage and an eye mask.
There are plenty of silicon eye masks on the market to choose from that you could add to your retail product list to enhance your business.
A simple way to upgrade a service is through offering an organic oil or aromatherapy service. You can purchase chocolate or rose essential oils from most massage suppliers or health food stores in your area. A chocolate-scented treatment could be called Couples Cocoa Relaxation Package, for example.

Scheduling your spa day's appointment , A day planner with blue pen with text Spa DaySign Up New Clients

I know we all have that regular client that says, “I know my husband would love a massage if I could just get him to come in and get one.” The answer to that is a couple’s massage. Many clients may have spouses or loved ones who are hesitant to being touched. I have found that many of them will say yes to massage when there is a friend or partner in the room with him.
It’s been my experience that, if you can get someone in to try a massage, there is the potential to turn him into a regular client.
Let’s say your average service cost is $75 per hour. If this person comes to you once a month, you’ve increased your annual revenue by $900.
If he becomes a weekly client, that would increase your annual income by $3,900. Now let’s say you get 10 new regular weekly clients. That’s an extra $39,000 per year. I know we could all use an added annual increase of this amount.
If you’re still hesitant to make couples massage a regular menu item at your massage practice, you could try it out for a limited time. A lot of people look for couples massage services in the spring or summer, which is wedding season, or at holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. By only offering couples massage as a special for a limited time, you will be able to make a truly educated decision before jumping in.
The most important but highly overlooked benefit of this service for you is the training your staff can get by providing it.
When I became a massage instructor, I thought back to my first job right out of school and what services I did that made the most difference.
What I realized was that providing couples massages were the most beneficial to me. Most of the other therapists I worked with had been doing this for five or more years, and I would watch their techniques.
My suggestion is to have your less-experienced staff provide couples massage alongside your more seasoned therapists and see how their routines change for the better.

Market Massage for Couples

You may be asking yourself, how can I market these services for my massage practice? The first rule of marketing is that it takes someone seeing something seven times before they use a coupon or visit a location. Think of the area you’re located in and what motivates you to try somewhere new.
Put your business Facebook and Instagram pages to work. Create an event for your service and pay to have it boosted with Facebook ads. This may help regular sales in addition to your new service.
If you’re in an area with a lot of hotels, contact them and ask about offering a special for their guests—they may even let you put up a flyer advertising your business. If nothing else, try researching web page community boards that will let you add your event for no charge.
I wish you the best of luck and continued success with couples massage services in your practice.

Robin Blaisdell HeadshotAbout the Author

Robin V. Blaisdell, L.M.T., M.A.P., of Spa Around The Corner, LLC, is the creator of the Himalayan Hot Salt Massage technique, and is a National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork-approved continuing education provider. Check her website for upcoming CEU classes or to see what’s new in the spa world.