Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System, a leading commercial cleaning franchise company, today announced a new initiative to educate customers and consumers about the health benefits of proper cleaning methods in non-residential environments. The edu-tainment campaign centers around the virtual town of Germville, a sick place to live„.

Germville ( is an interactive microsite which educates and entertains its visitors about various types of germs, where they live, how they spread, and the illnesses they can cause. Germville is populated with colorful, yet somewhat disgusting, characters such as Sal and Ann Monella, Mike Robe and Missy Coli, who inhabit the bustling town nestled in the grimy nooks and crannies of your office, school, fitness centers, etc. The project is aimed at better educating commercial cleaning customers and the public about how proper health-based cleaning methods can reduce the spread of germs and result in a healthier indoor environment.

An educated audience is our best asset, said Ted Elliott, CEO of Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System. Since there are more infection control challenges than ever in today™s world, we want people to be informed so that they understand the best ways to make their indoor environments healthier. Germville is an innovative and effective way to get people interested in infection prevention.

This initiative is a groundbreaking new strategy in the world of commercial cleaning, where many cleaning providers still use traditional string mops, buckets and rags, effectively spreading germs around instead of eradicating and removing them. Coverall™s own research and development, along with the latest independent science in the field, led it to conclude that health-based cleaning, resulting in healthier indoor environments, can be a giant leap forward in transforming commercial cleaning. Instead of cleaning for aesthetics, Coverall has focused its business on cleaning at the unseen level by using science-based products, equipment and methods to eradicate and remove soil and utilizing scientific technology to measure the results.

The spread of infection from improper cleaning methods has become an increasing societal problem due to the rise in treatment-resistant infections. In order to combat the spread of infection, Coverall uses its Health-Based Cleaning System which includes EPA registered disinfectant chemistry, high quality color-coded microfiber cloths and mops which prevents cross-contamination and removes 99% more bacteria than traditional cleaning rags and string mops.

About Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System

Founded in 1985, Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System is one of the world™s leading commercial cleaning franchising companies with a worldwide network of more than 90 Support Centers and 9,000 Franchise Owners. The company™s Franchise Owners currently service nearly 50,000 customers in over 90 metropolitan areas. The company is revolutionizing the commercial cleaning industry with its science-based cleaning system designed to reduce cross-contamination and aid infection control. In addition to offices, education and fitness facilities, Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System Franchise Owners also specialize in cleaning healthcare facilities. For more information, visit

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