Covidien (NYSE: COV, BSX: COV), a leading global provider of healthcare products, today announced the U.S. commercial availability of Covidien Imaging Solutions™ contrast delivery system with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. The components integrate RFID technology to create a system that is designed to aid in patient safety by helping to reduce the risk of medical errors in radiology departments.

Covidien™s contrast delivery system combines its unit-dose RFID-enabled Ultraject„ prefilled contrast media syringes with its RFID-enabled Optivantage„ DH power injector to provide the only contrast delivery solution of its type available in North America. RFID is an automatic identification technology that captures, stores and transmits data between the RFID-enabled Ultraject prefilled syringe and the RFID-enabled Optivantage DH power injector using devices called RFID transponders, or tags.

Covidien™s new, innovative system has the potential to help reduce medical errors and increase efficiency in CT imaging, said Steve Hanley, President, Imaging Solutions, Covidien. We expect this technology to be the platform for future innovation.

The RFID-enabled system creates an intelligent interface between the contrast media syringe and the power injector that helps radiology technologists to better ensure that each patient receives the prescribed concentration and programmed dose of a contrast media-related drug during a procedure. The interface allows the injector to physically alter the RFID label on a syringe once it is used, which can substantially reduce the probability of life-threatening air injections or air embolisms caused from using an empty, used syringe. It also helps reduce the potential for infection from cross-contamination by automatically preventing the injection of contents from a previously used RFID-labeled syringe in another patient exam. Covidien™s system also indicates if the drug in an RFID-labeled syringe is past its expiration date. Additionally, the system automatically transfers drug and achieved exam protocol information onto a printed label for the patient record, which reduces the need for manual data entry, thereby offering the potential to help increase efficiency and accuracy.

As the pioneer in prefilled syringes for contrast imaging, Covidien has assisted medical professionals by giving them tools to help reduce the risk of certain medication-dispensing and mislabeling errors that may occur when syringes are manually filled from multi-dose packaging. Additionally, RFID-enabled Ultraject prefilled contrast media syringes combined with the RFID-enabled Optivantage DH power injector help radiology facilities address Joint Commission (formerly known as JCAHO) and U.S. Pharmacopoeia 797 standards, which are aimed at ensuring compliance with labeling and unit-dose requirements, as well as the use of aseptic techniques.

Risk reduction is one of the key challenges facing the radiology community, Hanley added. Our new delivery system underscores Covidien™s commitment to helping our customers address safety-related concerns — we want to give them not just technology, but solutions.


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