Health care professionals report three key benefits

JENSEN BEACH, Fla., Jan. 25, 2012 – Massage and physical therapists, chiropractors and alternative health care practitioners are reporting improved client outcomes and better business results for their practices when using the CranioCradle by Kiss Life LLC.

The CranioCradle—originally developed for home use—is proving to be an indispensable complement in a growing number of spas, massage practices and health clinics. The rapid adoption of the CranioCradle is due to the documented effectiveness of the unit and also because it provides therapists three (3) important benefits:

1) As an in-session extra pair of hands. The CranioCradle assists therapists in session by providing a comfortable support mechanism for their clients’ head, neck, back, hips and feet. Also, by engaging the therapeutic qualities of the CranioCradle, therapists can quickly and easily induce a deep state of relaxation in their clients.

2) As an at-home surrogate. Patients are not always able to schedule an appointment when the need strikes or to visit their health care provider as often as they should. With the CranioCradle available to them for their personal use, clients can experience a degree of relief at home, work and when travel keeps them from seeing their health care provider.

3) Practice longevity and growth. Better client outcomes result in more referrals and repeat business, and health care practitioners are experiencing both by incorporating the CranioCradle into their regimens.

Gaylene James, a licensed massage practitioner, report,s “I don’t want my clients to have to see me for pain management; I’d love for them to come to me for relaxation. And the CranioCradle helps me in this goal. It’s so effective that my clients become loyal customers even after their injuries are healed.”

The CranioCradle is a patent-pending home therapy system created and manufactured in the U.S. by Kiss Life, LLC. The company’s mission is to provide extraordinary products promoting health, wellness and vitality. For more information, including the How to Use video, visit