Health care professionals champion its consistent results

JENSEN BEACH, Fla., January 5, 2012 – Physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and craniosacral therapists are reaching for a new tool that is proving to be a reliable source of pain relief for their patients.

The afflictions of severe migraines, shoulder and back pains, neck aches, whiplash, surgeries and pains that results from workplace accidents and everyday injuries can strike any time and in a variety of different forms. And when the pains strike, patients are not always able to visit their health care practitioner quickly and may not visit as often as needed.

In an effort to provide better care for their patients, health care practitioners are frequently turning to a new tool that can supplement the services they provide. The CranioCradle is a home therapy system that is easy to use and provides effective relief of severe pain. It can be comfortably placed beneath the head, neck and body to target the specific zones where pain occurs.

“We are receiving an ever-growing number of reports from healthcare practitioners who are seeing, and documenting, consistent results,” says Barb Richmond, CEO of Kiss Life LLC, the manufacturer of the CranioCradle.

Diana Thompson, L.M.T. and recent past-president of the Massage Therapy Foundation, reports, “I have a lot of acute (pain) patients. They suffer from the pain of automobile and industrial accidents, quadriplegia, Lyme disease, back surgery and knee replacements. And they are all experiencing positive results with the CranioCradle.”

The CranioCradle is a patent-pending home therapy system created and manufactured in the U.S. by Kiss Life, LLC. The company’s mission is to provide extraordinary products promoting health, wellness and vitality. For more information, including the How to Use video, visit