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(Vocus) August 18, 2009 — In today’s economy, businesses are striving to stay ahead of the game, to gain the corporate edge, and to make them stand out from the crowd. Color can go a long way in motivating a business team and building strong brand recognition.

Marshal Cohen, chief analyst with the market research firm NPD Group, says, “Companies realize that using color is a way to add incentive.” Harness the incentive by using ColorAlchemy in every aspect of the business world.

When faced with looming deadlines and huge projects worth a lot of money, employers will want to utilize the power of red. Red helps employees to adopt the “Go out and get ’em” attitude required to make the business grow. It helps them to roll up their sleeves and get the job done in a timely, yet productive fashion. Outline job proposals and lists of potential clients in red as inspiration.

Orange is the color of creativity. Surround the board room with orange when having brainstorming sessions about projects to be completed and business expansion ideas.

Self-confidence and the “Yes we can!” attitude is paramount to a successful business. When having meetings to rally excitement and to share how wonderful everyone is, surround the area in yellow. Post quotes of success in conspicuous places, on a yellow background. Yellow is the color that allows for confidence and commitment, as well as a sense of personal power.

An important facet of the business world that is often overshadowed is a sense of compassion. Reinforce those professional business relationships and a sense of “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” by implementing the power of green. Submit letters to other professionals on a green-printed letterhead or sign documents with a green pen.

Remind employees of the company’s mission statement by printing it in blue ink or posting it on a blue background. Blue generates clear direction and purpose. Use blue to send out memos to ensure clearer communication. Use blue in the break room to relieve employee stress.

Indigo expands inner intuition, upon which many successful businesses rely. When faced with important decisions, take a moment to close eyes and visualize the color indigo, to engage that gut feeling.

Violet can inspire organizational connectivity and the personal satisfaction of employees. Take time to address each employee’s successes and positive attributes, using the color violet.

Call upon the color traits whenever they are required. Use them to maximize the potential of the business and to harness the power of a cohesive staff.

Color can also be used to schedule meetings and due dates. Post a calendar with important dates written in the color of the day. The days of the week follow the natural rainbow and the momentum of the work week: Monday is red, Tuesday is orange, Wednesday is yellow, etc.

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