Create Your Best Career with Continuing Education, MASSAGE MagazineExpanding your knowledge and skills within a chosen career field is a fantastic way to improve your professional life from nearly any angle. This certainly is true for massage therapists and bodyworkers, who can use continuing education classes as the route toward drawing and keeping more clients, making more money and feeling more energized both physically and mentally.

In the world of massage therapy and bodywork, the sheer number of different techniques being taught makes for plenty of options when it comes to continuing education. By enrolling in a particular continuing education class, you could be taking an action that will open your practice up to a whole new population of clients.

You may have a solid and steady massage therapy or bodywork business, with a nice array of clients young and old, active and sedentary, with a variety of common issues, such as muscle pain, tension and stress. By signing up for a continuing education class that will teach you hands-on techniques for pregnant women, you are making a move that will help you draw this new type of client into your practice.

Another wonderful aspect of continuing education as it pertains to massage therapists and bodyworkers is you can keep “climbing the ladder” in these classes, increasing your skill set from the basic level to the most advanced area of expertise. So if you find yourself truly enjoying that first class on massage for pregnant women, consider honing those skills through more and more advanced courses.

According to many successful massage therapists and bodyworkers, becoming an expert in a certain modality for a specific population of clients is one of the best methods of creating a booming business. Over the course of your career, you may even have the opportunity to become an expert in several different modalities for several different client populations, by making wise choices in the area of continuing education.

As most professional massage therapists and bodyworkers know, continuing education often is not an option, but a requirement, depending on the state or region in which you live and work. The majority of states and regions that regulate the field of massage therapy and bodywork do require practitioners to earn a certain number of continuing education credits in order to renew and maintain their licenses to practice.

Completing continuing education classes may be a requirement of certain professional organizations and employers as well. If you happen to be one of the many massage therapists and bodyworkers who is required to take continuing education classes, remember that these classes can offer you the opportunity to improve your career in so many different ways. For instance, if you feel your work as a massage therapist or bodyworker has been taking a toll on your body, you could sign up for a continuing education class that will refresh your knowledge about body mechanics and likely teach you a few new tips and tricks for preserving energy in the session room.