Felicia Brown, of Spalutions http://spalutions.com/ is at the Oakworks facility demonstrating how to create amazing client experiences through effortless massage draping. http://www.massagetables.com/

In order to create a memorable client experience, it is important to think of ways to make each part of their visit smoother, especially during their time on the table. By utilizing draping techniques that are simple, unobtrusive and that actually flow into a massage sequence, your clients will be able to focus their attention on your amazing massage and their own relaxation.

Felicia Brown, LMBT is the founder and owner of Spalutions
A firm that provides training, continuing education, business consulting and marketing solutions for massage and spa professionals. She is a sought-after public speaker with appearances at many state, national and international conferences and conventions in the massage and spa industries. Felicia is also a licensed massage therapist and NCBTMB Approved Provider.