Get In Touch is a nationally approved provider and has recently been accepted in Texas as a approved continuing education provider

Las Vegas, NV (March 25, 2010) – Learn personal body maintenance for the bodyworker, increase your income and extend your career with techniques presented by Karina Braun.

Get In Touch offers a home-study course with 12 continuing education (CE) hours. Creating Peace with Your Hands is a 198-page manual written by Karina Braun. This manual and course includes information about self-care and injury prevention for bodyworkers. It is intended to provide techniques and ideas to prevent injury. Each bodyworker will gain an understanding of the injury and healing process. This manual also gives solutions to therapists who are injured and provides appropriate steps for therapists to heal and prevent re-injury.

Creating Peace with Your Hands was written and inspired from a therapist with many years of experience in the massage and bodywork field. This manual is meant to increase your knowledge on how to refine your technique, avoid an injury, as well as stretch and strengthen your body. Advice will be given to help you build and protect your energy with breathing, yoga, tai chi, and nutrition.

Get In Touch is owned by Karina Braun and specializes in personal body maintenance for the bodyworker. For more information,  call (702) 576-3288 or visit