Miami, Florida (PRWEB) September 22, 2008 Creative Ventures Training Center will provide Miami’s healthcare practitioners with an innovative two day seminar.

Blissful EFT brings lectures and demonstrations on the topic of Emotional Freedom Techniques as it is incorporated with the use of guided relaxation. The reduction of stress and tension removes long-standing physical and emotional roadblocks and allows the process to work far more effectively. Join us at the beautiful Cauley Square Tea Room in rural Miami Florida, Monday and Tuesday December 1st and 2nd from 11am -5pm. The event promises to be rather thought provoking due to its often dramatic results. Everyone is invited to come and observe and or participate in the seminar.  For all of the details please visit our website at:   


Emotional Freedom Technique has been described in many different ways. Most people have heard of it through the field of psychology because it addresses emotional links to the body’s energy system. EFT provides an easy and painless alternative to years of therapy. The premise of EFT is that a thought does not conclusively lead to an emotional response. Two people can have the exact same thought but have very different reactions to it. Thus, the thought is not the only determining factor as to the emotional outcome.  This is where our body’s energy system comes into play.


 According to EFT, every unpleasant physical or emotional response is rooted in a short circuit of the meridian’s energy system. By activating acupuncture points and administering additional neurolinguistic techniques these short circuits can be fixed. The repair is not temporary. Normally the EFT practitioner addresses all pertinent aspects of the problem and teaches the client how to address any further aspects in the future. This approach helps to ensure the lifetime success of the treatment.


 To get more information about the very interesting link between energy and the body’s emotional and physical responses, contact Lucia Rodriguez and learn more about “Blissful Emotional Freedom Technique” at:  


Lucia Rodriguez is the director of Creative Ventures Training Center. A veteran licensed massage therapist as well as a CE Provider for the Florida Board of Massage Therapy. She has been in the massage industry for 14 years and has been the director of various local massage programs. Unconventional approaches are the norm for this Center. You’ll find a home study program for Aguassage, (aquatic bodywork) and also the two day class “Blissful EFT” in the list of current seminars.



Lucia Rodriguez, director and lead instructor

Creative Ventures Training Center