by David S. Jones

Custom Incentive Cards Grow Business, Enhance Client Loyalty, MASSAGE MagazineAmid a protracted economic downturn, independent massage therapists and spa service providers may find it difficult to maintain their existing clientele, let alone entice new customers. While it’s true some clients may avail themselves to these luxury services in lieu of splurging on expensive travel or other indulgences, the fact is limited disposable income could drive clients to curtail treatments.

As a way to attract more customers and build loyalty among existing clientele, some independent therapists and spas use customer incentive or loyalty programs as an effective way to grow business even through tough times. Through such options as rewards programs or discounts toward future treatments, therapists can enable clients to enjoy their services at a more affordable rate.

Customized, prepaid incentive cards provide another creative and often more memorable opportunity to attract new business and maintain loyalty among existing clients. They also provide an opportunity for therapists and spas to provide a lasting and reusable incentive for repeat business and referrals of new clients.

For a small fee, custom cards can be designed to include a logo, a personalized message and color scheme of choice to coordinate with and enhance the therapist’s or spa’s existing branding program. When distributed to customers as a thank you for loyalty or referring new clients, the cards serve as a reusable advertisement for the provider’s services every time they’re redeemed.

The cards also make for a fun and creative alternative to traditional greeting cards to recognize a client’s birthday or anniversary, or even offer as a holiday gift or other special occasion. When approached by local nonprofit organizations for donations in support of an event or fundraiser, customized incentive cards are an easy and creative contribution to a door prize, Chinese auction or other fundraising opportunity. Emblazoned with the name and/or logo of the spa or independent massage provider, these cards serve as an effective marketing vehicle in nearly any situation.

Unlike store-branded gift certificates, prepaid debit cards never lose their value and the cards can be redeemed in any way the recipient chooses—for payment toward treatments, products and services through the therapist or provider, or for a special dinner out with friends, a new addition to their wardrobe or even necessities like gas and groceries.

Even in a tough economy, customized prepaid incentive cards provide an affordable option to add a personal touch to loyalty, incentive and referral programs that will enhance client relationships and help promote private practitioners and spa service providers.

Convenient online customization and ordering options make it fast and easy to purchase any quantity of personalized cards in any denomination from $5 to $2,500 and have them delivered quickly to generate immediate results.

David S. Jones is CEO of CardLab Corp., the global leader in customized, prepaid Visa incentive cards for employee incentives, customer rewards and personal gift giving. The company’s easy-to-use custom card design and distribution services make it simple, fast and affordable to send FDIC-insured incentive cards in any denomination from $5 to $2,500 to anyone, anywhere, with no minimum order and no setup fee. For more information, visit