Performance Health/Hygenic has launched a program to keep its popular pain-relieving formula, Biofreeze Pain Reliever, off of retail-store shelves.

The company allows only health-care practitioners to carry Biofreeze. It recently introduced a new product intended for retail sales and a website to support its approved Biofreeze carriers.

In March MASSAGE Magazine reported that Performance Health/Hygenic Corporation was working to get Biofreeze off of CVS shelves.

In a recent letter to its partners, Marshall Dahneke, president & CEO  of Performance Health/Hygenic Corporation, announced CVS, a nationwide pharmacy and drugstore, had agreed to discontinue selling Biofreeze products and will remove the product from store shelves in mid-August of this year.

“Negotiating this resolution with CVS was a greater challenge than expected …  and educated us that we must change how we grow and defend the Biofreeze brand,” Dahneke wrote.

Dahneke also announced Performance Health/Hygenic has launched a new brand, Perform® Pain Reliever, to get retailers to remove and keep Biofreeze product off their shelves.

“This new brand, which is only for consumer retail, has a different name, different packaging and a different formula distinguished by a lower level of menthol,” Dahneke explained. “The one linkage between the Perform and Biofreeze brands is a reference on the Perform package identifying it as ‘from the makers of Biofreeze,’ a necessary but acceptable compromise to keep the Biofreeze brand off of retail shelves.”

Performance Health/Hygenic has also launched a “Where to Buy” service on the Biofreeze website intended to help consumers find practitioners who sell Biofreeze.

For more information and to become an approved Hands-On Healthcare Practitioner authorized to sell Biofreeze, visit