Oregon’s Organic Herb Pharm to Host Plant Advocate Event

E. Barre, Vermont, February 17, 2009 –– The United Plant Savers (UpS), the non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, conserving and restoring native medicinal plants, will be hosting its 2009 conference, “Planting The Future,” at Herb Pharm’s farm in Williams, Oregon, on Saturday, May 30, 2009. Renowned herbalists from around the country will lead workshops on Herb Pharm’s 85-acre certified organic farm at the all-day event. This is the fourth time the educational symposium will be held at Herb Pharm, which is also a designated UpS Botanical Sanctuary.

UpS is the education front line for information on the impact of destructive or oblivious human activities causing many plants to be at risk of loss. Urbanization and deforestation have caused an ever-increasing shortage of plant resources. The work of UpS is to research, educate and protect the interests of plants and their habitats, while offering education and support for all herbal enthusiasts ranging from consumers to practitioners. “Planting the Future” is both the focus and the theme of this upcoming event, designed to raise awareness toward ensuring abundant renewable supplies of medicinal plants for future generations.

Lynda LeMole, Executive Director of UpS, explains that UpS has been doing this important work for more than a decade, “For the past 12 years, United Plant Savers’ educational conferences have been connecting plant lovers, herbalists, herb schools and students, and environmentalists. We are always especially excited when Herb Pharm hosts one of our events because Herb Pharm is a model for growers, herbalists, land stewards and green business.”

LeMole added that activities would include Plant Walks and multiple workshops, all designed to educate on a wide range of issues affecting many vital North American native plants. “The curriculum of this year’s conference will focus on the practical knowledge of growing and using healing herbs. As we all reach for ways to help the planet become cleaner and greener, tapping into the wisdom of our UpS teachers is instructive and inspiring.”

Each year this event attracts several hundred people. Additional details are available by contacting United Plant Savers at (802) 476-6467, or on the web at: www.unitedplantsavers.org.