It’s Time To Set Your Spa Apart From The Competition!
Union City, NJ — Hannelore Leavy, Founder and Executive Director of the Day Spa Association proudly announced, “The DSA Accreditation Program to recognize deserving day spas of excellence is a nationally recognized certification.”
Accredited status is granted only to a day spa that meets or exceeds the DSA standards for best practices to be designated as a center of spa excellence. According to Rosemary Wiener, Chairperson of the DSA Board of Directors, “The DSA Accreditation Standards address the spa’s commitment to excellence in the safe delivery of quality spa services, their business operations, staff qualifications and continuing education.”
How Do You Begin The Accreditation Process? In order to qualify for DSA Accreditation, interested day spas may now contact the DSA to receive an Accreditation Application with a current copy of the DSA Best Practices Standards. A determination on your application will be made within 30 days from the receipt of your completed application with required attachments and fees. The Accreditation Committee of the DSA Advisory Board will evaluate your application, using the DSA best practices standards for centers of excellence. Qualifying day spas are notified of the Accreditation Committee determination by mail.
The special DSA Accreditation Program is voluntary and only Day Spa Association spa members in good standing are eligible to apply. If you are a traditional full-service day spa, a salon with qualifying day spa services, a day spa within a hotel, resort, health club or fitness center; you are eligible to apply for accreditation. Medical spas, health clinics, wellness centers and massage clinics are not eligible as they are subject to other rules and regulations by various Boards of Medicine, State Boards or other agencies.
Benefits Of DSA Accreditation:  Accredited Day Spas are given first positions and have a distinctive identifier next to their name on the spa locator page of the DSA website. Day Spa Association members and DSA Accredited Day Spas may be found at Consumers can readily identify a DSA Accredited Day Spa member by the distinct Day Spa Association Accreditation decal displayed in their window, on their website and in their marketing materials. In addition, consumers are encouraged to look for their DSA Accreditation Certificate which is often prominently displayed at the day spas front desk. The DSA will issue a press release to the accredited spas’ local press attesting to their accreditation. DSA will direct media inquiries to accredited spas, while accredited spas will automatically become members of TrendSpotters. Accredited spas are also eligible to enter the competitive annual DSA Distinguished Day Spa Award competition announced at the Day Spa Expo & Business Forum in Las Vegas.
DSA & IMSA Association Memberships:  DSA Membership includes many special privileges such as a listing on the or website, a beautiful Membership Certificate, Quarterly Newsletters, Seasonal Email News Blasts, invitations to special advanced educational seminars, free magazine subscriptions to most industry magazines and select consumer publications, special credit card processing rates, group health insurance program, and a variety of discounts with many professional services within the spa, beauty and medical spa industries, as well as numerous vendor membership discounts.
For more information regarding DSA Accreditation Program, contact the Day Spa Association, 310 17th Street, Union City, NJ 07087, 201-865-2065. Email DSA Accreditation inquiries to For more information on the Day Spa Association and The International Medical Spa Association membership, visit and www. Contact Hannelore Leavy at 201-865-2065 and via email at