DEEP OSCILLATION electrostatic massage therapy through special gloves has been acquired by two fully qualified Dr. Vodder-trained MLD therapists in Scotland and The Republic of Ireland with effective results for Lymphoedema sufferers.

( – Nottingham, May 18, 2009 — DEEP OSCILLATION electrostatic massage therapy through special gloves has been acquired by two fully qualified Dr. Vodder-trained MLD therapists in Scotland and The Republic of Ireland with effective results for Lymphoedema sufferers.

Lynora Kennedy is a Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist who qualified at the Dr Vodder School in, Walchee, Austria. She runs her own clinic in Kinross, Glenrothes, St Andrews. A full member of MLDUK, Lynora specializes in treating Lymphoedema and other chronic conditions.

Kennedy recently gave the following statement to PhysioPod UK Limited the Sole UK and Ireland distributors for the therapy.

“For months I had been hearing colleagues waxing lyrical about DEEP OSCILLATION therapy via the HIVAMAT200 and its varied uses, so I knew I had to have one! The device arrived, and I started work within hours on a woman with severe bi-lateral lower limb lymphoedema. She had 10 daily sessions using the Hivamat 200, with me wearing the ‘gloves’ and using specific manual lymph drainage techniques. She was also bandaged at the end of each treatment. The volumetric measurements confirmed how effective the Hivamat 200 can be – last year, during the same phase of treatment, the client had lost 1.2 litres overall – this year, the amount increased to 2.2 litres. Latterly, I have used it to treat a case of severe facial lymphoedema – the client was impressed at how quickly the fibrosis around her nose and eyes softened. Many thanks must go to Sossi Yerissian and Julie Soroczyn at Physiopod for their guidance and advice. In addition to using the portable device in my clinic, I am also able to offer this therapy on home visits. So far it has been taken to Angus, East, Mid and West Lothian, Perthshire and Clackmannanshire.

–Kennedy can be emailed at

Monica Conway is Vice-Chairperson at MLD Ireland where she also holds full membership. She took the opportunity to meet with Julie and Mary from Physiopod UK whilst they successfully exhibited the therapy at the RDS Dublin in early April.

After full demonstration and explanation of the therapy, Monica followed up with her own intensive research and took the opportunity to gain valuable feedback from other MLD therapists in the UK and abroad who were already using DEEP OSCILLATION. Happy with her findings, Monica purchased a Hivamat200 in April. She now offers this therapy at The Bio-Health Centre, County Tipperary, combining with Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. She also offers Combined Decongestive Therapy, Kinesio Taping, Bio Resonance Testing, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Remedial Massage.

Physiopod were very pleased to receive the following feedback:

“Deep Oscillation is amazing, I have used it for oedemas of all types. For post-operative oedema, one to two session reduces the swelling, whereas before I would have had to do possibly four sessions.

“Arm Lymphoedemas are all reporting positive results; they are pain free, the heavy feeling has gone and the arms are reducing further.”

“One stubborn leg Lymphoedema is finally reducing more and the fibrosis is softening. At the moment I am also treating a very bad Lipo-lymphoedema with massive leg ulcers, the ulcers are improving visibly on a daily basis.”

“I am ‘over the moon’ with my new machine and it really makes the MLD more effective.”

Monica can be contacted at or to visit her website click

In April 2007, DEEP OSCILLATION massage therapy made its debut combined with MLD to help with the treatment of Lymphoedema in London, via Sossi Yerissian (M.A.) (Methods: Dr. Vodder, Foldi, Casley-Smith) .. It is now used by many MLD therapists from London to Cumbria and around the world, with March seeing the first sufferer using the DEEP OSCILLATION® PERSONAL SPORT as self treatment for her own secondary breast lymphoedema ..

Lymphoedema, which is not a curable condition, is the term used to describe swelling that can occur anywhere in the body but most commonly affecting the limbs. Classified as Primary (inherited) or Secondary (caused by injury to the lymphatic vessels, which may occur following treatment for cancer, surgery, radiation therapy, recurrent infections or trauma) the early assessment and diagnosis of this condition, from a qualified Healthcare Professional is absolutely essential.


Full clinical studies have been carried out since this innovative therapy’s Patent was granted in 1987 to Physiomed Elektromedizin AG, with regards to it’s efficacy with Lymphoedema, Cellulite, Wound Healing, Inflammation, Effects on Blood Parameters, Sports Injuries, Post Hip Replacement, Postpartum and other clinical finding’s. It is used first day post-operatively because of the gentle and pleasant nature of application. Studies can be obtained from PhysioPod UK Limited, email requests to The majority of studies will not be found on the Internet and studies are posted out rather than emailed to interested parties in the UK and Ireland.

The latest Lymphoedema study, which was presented at the BLS Annual Conference in 2008 in Belfast is sited as:

“Effect of treatment with low-intensity and extremely low-frequency electrostatic fields (Deep Oscillation) on breast tissue and pain in patients with secondary breast lymphoedema”
–Jahr S, Schoppe B, Reisshauer A., Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Charité-Universitetsmedizin Berlin, Germany

The study concluded that Additional Deep Oscillation supplementary to manual lymphatic drainage can significantly enhance pain alleviation and swelling reduction in patients with secondary breast lymphoedema compared with manual lymphatic drainage alone.