A small study featuring 26 patients indicated that deep-tissue massage is “statistically” more benefiicial at addressing low-back pain as compared with therapeutic massage, although “further research is needed to verify the results,” the researchers noted.

This study undertaken in Poland compared the effectiveness of two different kind of massage, therapeutic and deep tissue, on chronic low-back pain, according to an abstract published on www.pubmed.gov. The research was conducted on 26 patients aged from 60 to 75 years who were separated into two groups.

One group received therapeutic massage, including effleurage, petrissage, tapping and friction. The second group received deep-tissue massage, including oblique pressure, a combination of lengthening and cross-fiber strokes, anchoring and stretching, and freeing muscle from entrapment.

Both groups received massage for 10 days, for 30-minute sessions each day.

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