Definitions Skincare has introduced its revolutionary face and body/cellulite treatments: The Gene Therapy InstaLift Facial Treatment and Lipocare Body Slimming & Smoothing Treatment.

Within moments, this facial treatment instantly lifts, firms and tightens skin. Leuphasyl reduces wrinkle expression caused by contraction of facial muscles, while Gene Expression and the latest, most clinically advanced peptides leave the skin with increased firmness, elasticity, and its resistance to harmful external factors.

No shower in your spa or medical setting? No worries. Our body slimming and smoothing treatment can be performed sans shower. Formulated with Lipocare technology, this treatment effectively firms and smoothes skin, and fights and removes dimpling and fatty tissue.

The mission of Definitions Skincare is to continually improve the skin’s health and appearance by providing the latest advancements in skin care, backed by scientific results. The company’s unique technologies and ingredient blends utilized in our products and treatments provide distinction in the skin after just a single treatment.

Remember, there’s always room for improvement to the skin. For more information, e-mail, call (917) 231-0510 or visit