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The State of Delaware Massage Therapist Requirements

Throughout the 2,491 square miles of The Diamond State, approximately 1,360 massage therapists work to help the more than 973,000 people in their state find relief from pain, rehabilitation from injuries, and comfort in the midst of stress and anxiety.

With 70,644 people in Wilmington, 37,523 people in Dover, and 33,448 people in Newark, massage therapists who work in Delaware can find an engaged environment to open, continue, or join a massage therapy business.

How Do I Become A Massage Therapist in Delaware?

If you’re ready to move into your career as a massage therapist in Delaware, you must register with the Delaware Board of Massage and Bodywork. The registration fee is $159. Once you are registered, you must receive licensure by the Board. If you do not register, you will be working illegally and can receive a fine.

In order to receive this license, you must complete a minimum of 500 hours of supervised in-class study from an approved massage therapy program.

You can find application request forms on their website.

Where Can I Study?

The Delaware Board of Massage and Bodywork approves schools that educate future LMTs with the following criteria:

  • 100 hours of anatomy and physiology
  • 300 hours of technique and theory
  • 75 hours of elective courses in the massage therapy field
  • 25 hours of ethics, law and contraindications

Below are two approved schools in Delaware to help you get started on what you may be looking for in a massage therapy education.

  • Academy of Massage and Bodywork: Accredited by the Commission of Career Schools and Colleges and the Delaware Department of Education, this school has a mission to “educate students in the highest quality of knowledge in the field of massage therapy and aesthetics with impeccable technical skills.” Students will learn how to bridge the gap between holistic health care and traditional western medicine, and will be nationally certified and licensed to prepare them for higher levels of career opportunities.
  • Dawn Career Institute: With an invitation to become part of the “Dawn Career Institute family,” this school provides each student with holster for lotions, Biotone brand lotions, and an aromatherapy kit to help them with their hands-on experience. The intensive training will include subjects required by the state of Delaware, as well as hydrotherapy, business opportunities, and pharmacology for massage therapists.

Other education options include Massage and Reflexology of Delaware, and Harris School of Business.

How Much Will I Earn?

The average annual wage of a massage therapist in Delaware was $55,883 in 2021. This is on the higher side of state earnings, with the average national salary at $53,222. Massage therapists who work in Wilmington have the opportunity to earn a slightly higher salary, with the average for this city at $56,735 annually.