While many businesses are closing their doors, reports indicate that the massage industry continues to thrive. 

“As of now, massages make up about 40 percent of [our] total sales,” says Jodie Labordus, owner Colours Day Spa in Muncie, IA. Therapists at the spa believe the sudden increase in massage popularity is due to the stress people are experiencing.

Massage therapy provides a number of benefits. It helps with circulation and headaches. It also helps to relieve the stress and knots you get in your back that can lead to muscle back pain and other complications.

Some massage therapists are even relocating their services to accommodate those who don’t have time to make it to the spa. Therapists are taking massage tables to hospitals and business offices in order to provide their services during lunch breaks and after work.

SOURCE: newslinkindiana.com (Monday, January 26, 2009)