Fresh programs and result-driven spa treatments keep healthy living a priority

LEXINGTON, KY, Jan. 20, 2010—With the shift in health care going from sick care to prevention, the mind-body-spirit retreats known as Destination Spas have introduced a wide variety of new wellness options for spa-goers in 2010. New offerings like college weeks, two-for-one spa experiences, Pilates for osteoporosis, Bollywood dance and gardening for life add more wellness opportunities to the broad range of programs a destination spa vacation offers.

As of January, spa-goers will find all of these programs and much more at certified Destination Spa Group® member spas.

“Wellness programs are something consumers are always looking for and our Destination Spas are offering more creative options than ever before to help make healthy living a top priority,” according to Michelle Kleist, executive director of Destination Spa Group.


Discovery programs and theme weeks are a big draw to the Destination Spas. Here are just a few of the exciting and unique programs that are scheduled in 2010:

• Adventure hiking and weight loss spa experience where Mountain Trek sets up boot camp at Rancho La Puerta.

• Learning to thrive with polycystic ovary syndrome at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

• First Canadian living food lifestyle program at Spa Eastman.

• Gardening for life and For the Love of Books Club at Lake Austin Spa Resort.

• Canyon Ranch weight-loss program at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

• Destination weddings at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa.

• Emotional fitness retreat, life compass retreat and fitness boot camp at Red Mountain Spa.

• Eternal youth retreat at Chiva-Som.

• Grocery shopping field trips with a registered dietitian at Biggest Loser Resort.

• College weeks at Tennessee Fitness Spa.

• Winter wellness getaways at Echo Valley Ranch and Deerfield Spa.


Fitness is an important component of a destination spa vacation, so most top Destination Spas offer a wide variety of enjoyable activities, from the standards to the latest. This year, new dance classes are making a splash.

• The Oaks at Ojai and Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, recently added Zumba®, a Latin-inspired dance class.

• Dance Jam and Retrobics have also hit Canyon Ranch’s schedule.

• Golden Door has introduced Bollywood dance and pole dancing.

• Tennessee Fitness Spa has added a belly-dancing week.

• Rancho La Puerta has teamed up with The Bar Method® to offer its new genre of ballet bar exercises.

• Prenatal exercises, Pilates for osteoporosis, “So You Think You’re Advanced” and Core24 round out the list.


Relaxation and expert body care are equally important to a destination spa vacation. To that end, Destination Spas have created new, result-driven spa therapies and skin-care products.

• Golden Door skin-care line has been reformulated to be free of parabens and sulfates.

• Rancho La Puerta is introducing a new eco-friendly line in February.

• Lake Austin Spa Resort has created 25 new spa services, including Skin Solutions Facial.

• The Oaks at Ojai has added acupressure massage for metabolism.

• Chiva-Som has introduced Total Body Balancing, a physiotherapy to correct body misalignment.

About Destination Spa Group®

Only a select group of Destination Spas follow the tradition of the true Destination Spa, where the total environment is dedicated to health and life enhancement. Destination Spa Group® is a membership organization that is dedicated to educating the public about the unique wellness and self-improvement opportunities of Destination Spas. Destination Spa Group offers valuable resources to help potential spa travelers find the right spa vacation and to live the spa lifestyle at home: For more information, call (888) 772-4363 or visit