The professional massage therapist or bodyworker has a choice when it comes to each and every item he or she purchases for the practice and session space. That choice involves numerous variables, such as price, availability, quality, suitability and so on. However, it is important to truly think through these choices, so you can make the best possible picks for your practice and your clients.

For some larger items, such as your massage table or portable massage chair, the choice only comes around every so often. Therefore, nearly every massage therapist and bodyworker knows to take his or her time and do the proper research and homework necessary to make sure this purchase is one that will last and prove its worth.

There are certain smaller items that are used in a majority of massage therapy and bodywork businesses, and practitioners have a chance to purchase some of these items repeatedly throughout their careers. One such important product is massage cream. When it comes to choosing a massage cream for your sessions, try to make the decision with as much forethought and research as you used when purchasing your massage table.

By bringing this level of awareness to the detail of what type of massage cream you use in your work, you can successfully add value to your practice and every client’s session by using the highest quality massage cream you can find at the time. Again, many of the same variables come into play, including price, quality and suitability for your hands-on work and your clients’ needs.

Do not make decisions about your massage cream while “half asleep”; in other words, do not treat this purchase as if it does not really matter, because it does indeed matter. After all, the massage cream you choose to use is the one thing that gets closer to your clients than your own hands. In fact, massage cream gets so close that it may even be absorbed by the skin—both the client’s skin and your skin as the practitioner applying this massage cream throughout each session.

With such an integral role in the massage therapy or bodywork sessions you provide, massage cream should be researched and, if possible, tested before purchase. You will want to know exactly what ingredients your massage cream contains and what effect, if any, these ingredients are known to have on skin or on one’s health and wellness in general.

You may also want to keep in mind your own values and the values you display in your practice as you decide on your next massage cream. For example, if you prefer to use only organic products in your practice and your life, obviously it will be important to you to find an organic massage cream for use in the session room.

From ingredients, to fragrances, to the methods of manufacturing, there are many aspects to consider when you are about to buy a massage cream. Don’t write off this purchase as insignificant, because the details do make a difference when it comes to client satisfaction.

–Brandi Schlossberg