Detox, Slim, Firm and Tone the Easy Way with Bioslimming, MASSAGE MagazineBioslimming by Provence Cosmetics is a revolutionary new body program, which detoxes, targets cellulite, fat, slims, firms and tones, as well as enhances weight loss. It is the must have treatment to get you in shape for the fall.

This fast-acting cellulite treatment contains active ingredients that have been proven to have an impact on cellulite, on clinical trials the appearance of cellulite diminished by 47 percent from first treatment and reduced by up to 67 percent in four weeks following regular salon treatments and the use of home care products.

This advanced treatment tackles cellulite by stimulating the blood circulation and also increases the peripheral circulation; it also acts to pull out the fluid between the cells as well as impacts collagen production, which further aides in the fight against cellulite. It enhances the removal of toxins and activelybreaks down the build up of the fatty deposits responsible for cellulite. It attacks cellulite by tackling the problem where it exists–just beneath your skin. This effectively reduces the appearance of stubborn cellulite, to leave your skin smooth, firm and noticeably toned.

Bioslimming’s powerful active ingredients induce Lipolysis (fat burning under the skin) helping to get rid of fatty deposits. In addition, it enhances weight loss and reduces the appearance of stretch marks, varicose veins and spider veins.

Bioslimming also provides a whole host of additional benefits, which are derived from the active ingredients.

Following application, Bioslimming continues to work for 12 hours and increases the body’s consumption of calories, therefore increasing the slimming, firming and detoxing effect and further reducing cellulite and inches.

Bioslimming is available as both a salon treatment and home care treatment. Unlike traditional wraps, you are not required to be wrapped in bandages and it is really more of a massage treatment, which makes it a pleasant treatment to have. Massage helps in the fight against cellulite and fat, as the massage helps to further break down the fatty deposits and increases the lymphatic system, helping to remove toxins.

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