From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Living in Balance: Boost Energy With Detoxification,” by Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, in the July/August 2009 issue. Article summary: Natural medicine systems align around a central principle that maintains cleansing is critical to success in staying healthy and reversing disease. And what they’re all so concerned about is waste. In fact, they’re very concerned about making sure the body eliminates all its metabolic leftovers, and new, harmful substances do not enter the body and wreak havoc.

by Robert E. Moroney

Ionized foot baths have been getting plenty of press recently, some of it favorable for a change. Originally intended as relaxation devices, many chiropractors and massage therapists have added ionized foot baths to their practices because of their ability to reduce pain and inflammation. More importantly, many of these practitioners have put themselves on a cleansing regimen with the foot bath to reduce or eliminate their practice-induced joint stress.

Hands-on healing professionals are at risk for all manner of joint pain and distortion. Chiropractors apply direct force to move vertebrae, and massage therapists apply force to soften deep tissues. Both professions perform services in a standing position, creating stress in the feet, knees and hips. Standing exacerbates postural misalignments, which stresses joints all over the body. Stress blocks circulation through the joint which causes toxins to build, which in turn causes an immune response that creates inflammation. The result: pain buildup throughout the body that cuts a career short. One-third of chiropractors are out of business in five years, most because of body pain. It’s probably about the same for massage therapists.

How about a simple program to counter these physical hazards, beginning with ionized foot baths twice a week to promote energy movement through all joints simultaneously? I recommend 5 grams of vitamin-C along with generous portions of fatty acids and a vitamin-mineral formula, all taken daily to facilitate detoxification. I also recommend yoga practice to realign the body, a monthly chiropractic adjustment and a massage to realign the spine and maintain muscle suppleness. I suggest eliminating sugars, pastas and breads from the diet, as these foods acidify the body, thereby increasing the rate of bone breakdown.

Even if you have no pain in your body, now is the best time to start thinking of yourself as a professional who must train every day to maintain professional viability. This is how I would do it. 

Robert Maroney is founder of A Major Difference ( ionic foot bath company.