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Reiki is a gentle type of bodywork that effects a sense of peace. Still, if you practice Reiki you accept the responsibility should anything unexpected happen. Securing liability insurance for your Reiki practice is a must. As safe as Reiki tends to be, accidents can happen. Protecting yourself and your reputation is essential, and we’re going to dive into why you need reiki liability insurance.

Why Reiki Practitioners Need Liability Insurance

Reiki is known to be beneficial in many ways, including improving mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. The reduced stress and feelings of peace associated with Reiki might help clients deal with anxiety and depression.

Reiki is considered safe, but that doesn’t mean it comes without risk. There can be office accidents and unhappy clients that affect your practice. Whether a lawsuit puts your financial well-being or your reputation on the line, having liability insurance is a must.

If you actively practice Reiki or are considering offering your services to the public, you should consider the following benefits of liability insurance for Reiki practitioners.

Reiki Insurance Gives You Credibility

Reiki practitioners can benefit from the credibility that being properly insured provides. In fact, it is sometimes required in order to work for certain spas and franchises.

Current clients will appreciate the professionalism that liability insurance promotes and experience confidence when they visit your practice. Potential future clients may see liability insurance as something that differentiates you from the competition, giving you a competitive edge. In other words, investing in Reiki liability insurance is good for your public image and inspires confidence in current and future clients, making it a valuable addition to your practice.

Liability Insurance for Reiki Protects You Financially

Accidents and side effects that occur during or as a result of Reiki are rare, but they do happen. In situations where you are facing a lawsuit due to a fall on your premises, side effects from Reiki, or another unforeseen incident, liability insurance can protect your finances, reputation, and health.

Reiki is predominantly a safe practice where injuries and property damage are few and far between. However, clients can slip and fall in your workspace, the area you work in and tools you use can experience damage, and allergic reactions are possible. With these and other occurrences sparking potential claims that can harm you and your practice financially, it is vital to be protected.

The financial damage that can be done by a lawsuit is astounding. If you practice Reiki without insurance, you could face insurmountable legal fees alone. Liability insurance for Reiki practitioners helps you with these expenses, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you need to perform your best during every session.

Your Time and Reputation are Valuable

A lawsuit can also harm your reputation by dragging your name through litigation. Liability insurance provides you with the resources you need to maintain the positive reputation you’ve worked hard to develop.

The burden of a lawsuit is not limited to your money or name. It can cause significant stress in your life and steal valuable time away from your work, your family, and your life. Liability insurance reduces your stress by giving you professional resources and help. It also allows you to focus your efforts and time on things that matter, like continuing to build your Reiki practice.

MMIP Liability Insurance for Reiki Practitioners

Known for its comprehensive coverage, Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) is the go-to liability insurance provider for Reiki practitioners. It offers stellar protection, loads of benefits, and generous limits that make it a compelling choice.

MMIP provides both professional and general liability coverage, meaning it applies to events that are directly related to the services you offer (side effects, injury, etc.) and slip-and-fall incidents. It also gives you access to continuing education resources, health insurance coverage, a professional website for your practice, industry discounts and more.

For more information about the best Reiki liability insurance, the benefits, and the coverage you can receive from MMIP, we encourage you to reach out to us and visit our blog. Our team of professionals will gladly answer any questions you have and guide you through the process of securing the right insurance for your Reiki practice. You can then practice with confidence and peace of mind, as well as enjoy all the bonus benefits that accompany MMIP liability insurance.

Hannah Young

About the Author

Hannah Young is brand manager for Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP). MMIP provides massage liability insurance for as low as $149 per year with policy options for part-time and full-time professionals. The policy includes $3 million per year in coverage in addition to thousands more in additional coverages like personal injury & advertising coverage, identity theft protection, and more.