Offering retail products is a growing trend for massage therapists. Our recent reader survey proves that out!

If you are one of the growing number of massage therapists who sells products in his or her practice, I would love to speak to you for an article I’m writing for MASSAGE Magazine. Please send me a message here, or at, or call me at 831-338-3434. If you prefer, answer the questions below and email your answers to me. Thanks!

– What products do you sell in your massage practice?

– How do you inform clients that you have products for sale?

– What is some general feedback from clients, when you offer products to them?

– Why do you sell products in your massage practice?

– What are the benefits to clients of being able to purchase products from you?

– What are the financial benefits to your practice, of product sales?

– Your name:
– Your city and state
– Number of years as a massage therapist:
– Massage specialty/focus (Swedish, Rolfing, etc):
– Massage school graduated from: